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  • Get the gun and the cigar.
  • Click the generator to charge your weapon.
  • Leave.


  • Give the cigar to the trader.
  • Select the garden hose off the rack.
  • Click your weapon to draw it.
  • Click the trader to point it at him.
  • After he chastises you, holster your weapon by clicking the upper left-hand icon.

You've collected a favor!

  • Exit, stage left.


  • Click the switch to turn on the water.
  • Go right.


  • Get the doll head off the nearest roc.
  • {{special|For bonus points, you can kill rabbits when you're here.}
  • Go right.


  • Apply the hose to the leaking tap, to start the fountain.
  • Click where the water is going to enter the hatch.
  • Objective received!
  • Go three screens right, to the Transit Entrance.

Transit Entrance[]

  • Click the conveyor belt.
  • Go left.


  • Click the red alarm to move the droid.
  • Note the symbol in the screen -- triangle, square, or circle. (It changes.
  • Go left.

Waiting Room[]

  • Get the bottle from the trash can.
  • Talk to the blob on the bench -- favor received!
  • Talk to the dog -- another favor!
  • Go right.


  • Talk to the trader.
  • Trade the bottle for the adapter.
  • Go left.

Waiting Room[]

  • Go downstairs.

Generator Room[]

  • Click the left-most locker, and enter: 4827
  • Get the mug.
  • Click the sheet.
  • Click the tab that matches the symbol you saw earlier.
  • Note the arrangement of the colours...
  • Click the keypad, and press the right buttons.
  • Charge your weapon, woo.
  • Click the knob next to the right-most locker.
  • Turn the switch to point right.
  • Open the right-most locker, and get the coffee beans.
  • Star For bonus points, enter 1977 in the middle locker, and kill rabbits.
  • Leave.

Waiting Room[]

  • Plug the adapter into the outlet.
  • Click the coffee maker to start it up...
  • Put the coffee beans in.
  • Put the coffee mug in.
  • Give the coffee to the guard.
  • Once he goes in, go into the bathroom.


  • Shoot the guard, but don't holster your weapon.
  • Open the vent and look inside.
  • Shoot out the power supply.
  • Get the popcorn bag from the trash can.
  • Leave.

Waiting Room[]

  • Enter the office, that the guard was in front of.

Milos's Office[]

  • Holster your weapon.
  • Get the green vial.
  • Draw your weapon and shoot him.
  • Leave, all the way back out to the Cactus.


  • Enter the secret hatch.
  • Woo, another thing to do!
  • Go right.


  • {{special|For bonus points, you can kill rabbits when you're here.}
  • Go inside.

Inside Box[]

  • Get the guitar.
  • Give the vial to the Scavenger.
  • Kill the Scavenger, then holster your weapon.
  • Go back to Transit Entrance.

Transit Entrance[]

  • Click the conveyor again.
  • Enter the lobby.


  • Trade the guitar for the socks.

Remember to recharge your weapon before you enter building #9 later.

Transit Trader[]

  • Trade in the guitar for the socks.
  • Trade in the bomb to kill the Transit Trader.
  • Go downstairs again and recharge your weapon.
  • Go right to building #9.

Building #9[]

  • Talk to Mr. Snake -- more stuff!
  • Combine the socks with the popcorn bag.
  • Combine that with the doll head.
  • Give the doll snake to Mr. Snake.
  • Click the panel.
  • Use the key on the panel.
  • Get the security chip:
    • Slide the sliders to the right.
    • Press the upper right buttons to turn green; unplug and plug the jack to do so.
    • Flip the upper left switch.
    • Click the left-facing button.
    • Click the middle square button.
    • Click the right-facing button.
    • Woo.
  • Go back to The Worm.

The Worm[]

  • The Worm will give you a hacked security chip.
  • Return again to the Waiting Room.

Waiting Room[]

  • Give the briefcase to the dog.
  • Recharge your weapon downstairs.
  • Go back to Building #9.

Building #9[]

  • Open the panel.
  • Put the hacked chip into the panel.
  • Go inside.


  • Go into room 1:
    • Turn the temperature all the way up.
    • Leave.
  • Enter room 3, and get the metal mug.
  • Go back into room 1:
    • Open the microwave door.
    • Put the mug inside...
    • Turn the temperature all the way down.
    • Go through the wall.
  • In room 2:
    • Get the badge.
    • Look at the fish tank for code 173.
    • Leave back to the rooms room.
  • Enter the right door.

Waiting Room[]

  • Click the green booking device.
  • Book an appointment.
  • Swap the appointment, and enter code 173.
  • Enter Senator Lobe's Office.

Senator Lobe's Office[]

  • Draw your weapon, and shoot Senator Lobe.


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