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Bela Kovacs and The Trail of Blood is a point and click adventure flash game developed by ExtropiaGames and released on April 8, 2011.

Although Flash was discontinued on January 12 2021, Bela Kovacs and The Trail of Blood is still playable through BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint.

Chapter 1[]

Find 13 clues:

  1. Fingerprints on the mouse, next to the laptop.
  2. The watch on the coffee table.
  3. Either of the two glasses on the coffee table.
  4. Bloody footprint on the windowsill, to the far right.
  5. The blood stains on the couch.
  6. The ashtray, and its drops of blood nearby.
  7. The broken bottle on the floor, to the left of the couch.
  8. The key in the front door handle.
  9. The framed photograph on the floor, on the right.
  10. The laptop, on the right.
  11. In the bathroom, the sink.
  12. In the bathroom, the blood on the wall on the right.
  13. In the bathroom, the blood and body outline in the shower.

Chapter 2[]


  1. 1: "Oh nothing, I was in the area and decided to pop in."
  2. 2: "Not well, babe. Some creep murdered my niece a couple of days ago."
  3. 2: "Molnar found something. Asked me to take a look, should I be around."

Office Investigation[]

  1. Click on the fingerprint in your inventory, and put it on the scanner on the left.
  2. Get a note from the trash can.
  3. Click the pile of papers above the trash can, to get some photos.
  4. Click the computer, and enter the password.
    • Enter the larger words on the noticeboard behind the computer.
    • Play Hangman, sort of. The password changes, but it's always a woman's 5-letter name.
  5. Click the fingerprint to get the case-file number: PM750816
  6. Click the save-disk icon in the middle, and enter the number: Bogdan
  7. Click the newspaper icon on the right and enter the name.
  8. Select the date that's closest to the photos date (in the envelope in your inventory).


  1. 1: "Bad business, isn't it, Boss? Classified files... murders covered up..."
  2. 1: "Yeah, like that would solve anything. Like that would get my niece's killer behind bars!"
  3. 1: "Okay, you're right, I've overstepped the mark. Sorry."
  4. 2: "I know. I shoulda trusted you guys. But this murder really... blew my mind..."
  5. 2: "Fine then... Please, let Kata know that I'm sorry, but I won't be able to make it to her daughter's funeral..."

Chapter 3[]

The tenant[]

The options don't matter.


Find 10 clues:

  1. Diary on the clothes, in front of the chair to the right.
  2. Alarm clock on the chair.
  3. Orange scarf and handbag.
  4. Ashes, in front of the spatter. This involves a fairly straight-forward puzzle.
  5. Right-most black-painted window, to the left of the door.
  6. Hacksaw, in front of the barrels leaning against the big pipe.
  7. Anticoagulant meds on the orange metal barrel.
  8. Garbage bag on the center stack of crates.
  9. Single blood-filled bottle, on the very far left.
  10. Red blood spatter, in front of the scarf.

Chapter 4[]

Talk to the bartender. Then:

UV paint[]

  1. Next to the drunk guy at the table.
  2. To the right of Lili's boot.
  3. In the far right corner, past Bogdan.
  4. To the right of the stage's big sign.
  5. In the toilet (next to Lili), next to the trash can in the second stall.

10 cocktails[]

  1. To the left of the char across from the drunk guy's table.
  2. On the table to the left of the drunk guy.
  3. On the bar.
  4. To the left of Lili.
  5. On the small table in front of the stage.
  6. On the larger table in front of the small table.
  7. On the stage itself.
  8. To the very far right, past Bogdan.
  9. Just behind Bogdan's elbow.
  10. Under the drunk guy's arm.


  1. In the toilet, in the lap of the drunk guy.

Tomato juice[]

Talk to the DJ:

  1. 1: "Hey, man. This track is wicked!"
  2. 2: "Nope, only here for work."
  3. 2: "Yep. Béla Kovács, police investigator. I need your cooperation in a murder case."
  4. 2: "We don't have time for this right now! The tomato juice is absolutely crucial to the investigation!"

Shaker and Worcesteshire sauce[]

  1. In the toilet, get the toilet paper from the first stall, and put it in the second stall toilet.
  2. Talk to the bartender.
  3. Get the shaker, then click the bar to read the recipe.
  4. While reading, get the sauce.
  5. Make the Bloody Mary, putting the ingredients in the shaker.
  6. Add the UV paint last.
  7. Give the shaker to Lili.

Chapter 5[]

Find items[]

  1. The cable from off the tarp, in the middle.
  2. Red and blue can of adhesive, to the left.
  3. Scarf, above the homeless man's head.
  4. Blanket from the man:
    • 1: "Did you see anyone go this way?"
    • 1: "Uhh... Saw what?"
    • 2: "Uhh, funny story. And did you see him just now, too?"
  5. Put the blanket on the fence, and go over.

Over the fence[]

  • Get the cigarette pack on the right.
  • Get the newspaper and the metal pipe.
  • Combine the newspaper with the adhesive, then that with the glass pane on the door.
  • Use the pipe on the newspaper.
  • Click the hole to enter.


  • Click the cardboard on the ground twice.
  • Get the bottle of fuel, to the left.
  • Use the scarf on the fuel.
  • Attach the scarf to the pipe.
  • Use the lighter on the scarf-pipe.
  • Throw the torch in the pit.
  • Use the cable on the pit.
  • Go into the pit.
  • Click the keypad.


The solution will only ever have the following numbers in it: 1, 5, 7

The password is always different, and you only have 3 chances to guess.

A good way to test:

  • Enter: 7777
  • In the gaps, enter 5.
  • In those gaps, enter 1.