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Big Time Butter Baron is an arcade puzzle game made by Megadev and published on Armor Games on May 26, 2012. It has you arrange multicolored blocks of butter on a board in order to cover as much of the board as possible.

Although Flash was discontinued on January 12 2021, Big Time Butter Baron is still playable through BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint.


  • Mouse: Place block
  • Left/Right Arrow Keys: Rotate block


In Big Time Butter Baron, you're presented with a big board on the floor of the butter factory and are given a lineup of butter blocks arranged in various shapes. The goal of each level is to arrange the butter blocks in such a way that at least 50% of the board is covered with butter blocks, thereby meeting the day's quota and letting you move on to the next level. When this happens all butter blocks from the previous level are cleared and every space that wasn't filled is then filled with a Blocker, which serves as an obstacle as it doesn't count towards the quota and is removed from the board after a certain number of rounds (the number on a Blocker tells you how many levels it'll stay on the board for). As you get to higher levels, Blockers will stay on the board for longer, making it harder to work around them as they continue to block the board, but every once in a while you'll receive an eraser block which you can use to destroy Blockers. The game ends if there aren't enough empty spaces left on the board to meet the quota.

Achievements & The Office[]

Big Time Butter Baron features a set of achievements you can earn by doing various tasks. Each achievement also unlocks a new decoration for the CEO's office when unlocked; you can visit the CEO's office and see all the decorations you've unlocked so far by clicking the "Go to Office" button in the main menu.

  • Play 10 Games: Unlocks Donkey when earned
  • Play 20 Games
  • Play 30 Games
  • Play 40 Games
  • Play 50 Games
  • Play 60 Games
  • Play 70 Games
  • Play 80 Games
  • Play 90 Games
  • Play 100 Games
  • Complete Level 2: Unlocks Signed Video Game when earned
  • Complete Level 4: Unlocks Your Favorite Movie when earned
  • Complete Level 6: Unlocks Disco Ball when earned
  • Complete Level 8: Unlocks Bean Bag when earned
  • Complete Level 10: Unlocks Coffee Table when earned
  • Complete Level 12: Unlocks Surround Sound System when earned
  • Complete Level 14: Unlocks Lamp when earned
  • Complete Level 16: Unlocks Ornament when earned
  • Complete Level 18: Unlocks Home ATM when earned
  • Complete Level 20
  • Fill 50% of the Board: Unlocks Foot Stool when earned
  • Fill 75% of the Board: Unlocks Coffee Machine when earned
  • Fill 95% of the Board: Unlocks Fridge when earned
  • Fill 100% of the Board
  • Score 100,000 Points: Unlocks Jukebox when earned
  • Score 200,000 Points: Unlocks Globe when earned
  • Score 300,000 Points: Unlocks Water Cooler when earned
  • Score 400,000 Points
  • Score 500,000 Points
  • Complete 1 Line: Unlocks Executive Golf Game when earned
  • Complete 2 Lines: Unlocks Lava Lamp when earned
  • Complete 3 Lines: Unlocks Water Feature when earned
  • Complete 4 Lines: Unlocks Miniature Helicopter when earned
  • Complete 5 Lines: Unlocks Sloth Bomber Plushie when earned
  • Complete 6 Lines
  • Tight Fit!: Unlocks Knightfall Drill when earned
  • Bin an Eraser!: Unlocks Bahamut Skull when earned
  • Almost Perfect!


  • Whenever a five-tile block is up next in your lineup of blocks, alarm lights will start flashing to warn you due to five-tile blocks being particularly tricky to place.
  • Throughout the levels, various flavors of butters manufactured by the butter company are revealed at the start of each level. These flavors include Snow Butter, White Choc Butter, Baboon Butter, Seasky Butter, Apple Butter, Cherry Butter, Dill Butter, Mystery Butter, Plank Butter, Whale Butter, Banana Butter, Shadow Butter, Cola Butter, and Teriyaki Butter.
  • As you progress through the game, each level contains visual gags that get more and more absurd as you reach higher levels. They are as follows:
    • Level 1: Just a normal scene showing a lone employee riding around on an elevated platform.
    • Level 2: A few more employees have begun congregating on the factory floor beneath the board.
    • Level 3: Now even more employees are gathering around and socializing on the factory floor.
    • Level 4: Similar to the previous level's scene, but now the employees are much fatter.
    • Level 5: The employees are partying on the factory floor, wearing party hats and blowing party horns.
    • Level 6: The employees are now having a pillow fight.
    • Level 7: The employees are having kart races on the factory floor.
    • Level 8: The employees are having a big dance party.
    • Level 9: The employees are being attacked by giant fish that keep eating the employees.
    • Level 10: A security force has arrived to fight off the fish.
    • Level 11: The fish are gone, and janitors are cleaning up the mess. After this level, the scene resets to Level 1's scene and cycles through all the scenes again.