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Bloons Junior is a game in the Bloons series developed by Ninja Kiwi. It's a sequel to the original Bloons game that was designed to be easier than the average Bloons game and targeted towards younger players, implementing several features including bigger darts, a slower-moving aiming arrow, and a set of levels that are simpler than the ones in previous Bloons games.


  • Mouse: Move to aim, click to throw dart, hold button down for more throwing strength
  • Arrow Keys: Control Pac-Man


Bloons Junior contains a set of 50 levels; in each one, your job is to get the monkey standing on a floating platform to throw darts to pop enough Bloons to reach the level's target amount. Each level also gives you a certain number of darts to throw; once you run out of darts, the number of Bloons you've popped determines if you can move on to the next level or not. If you reach or exceed the target amount of popped Bloons by the time you run out of darts, you unlock the next level; otherwise, you have to retry the current level.

Being a puzzle game, most levels contain various different Bloon types that trigger all sorts of effects when popped, as well as obstacles that can impede your darts.

Bloon Types[]

  • Normal Bloon: The standard Bloon, which appears in different colors and doesn't do anything when popped.
  • Ice Bloon: Releases a burst of frost when popped, freezing all nearby Bloons. Frozen Bloons can't be popped by most things.
  • Dart Bloon: Gives you an extra dart when popped.
  • Tack Bloon: Shoots a volley of tacks in eight directions, popping any Bloon hit by the tacks.
  • Bomb Bloon: Explodes when popped, destroying all nearby Bloons (including frozen ones). The Bomb Bloon's explosion has a bigger range than a Tack Bloon's tack volley but cancels out most special Bloons' effects, which may be good or bad for you depending on the circumstances.
  • Triple Dart Bloon: Turns your next shot into a triple shot when popped, letting you throw a volley of three darts.
  • Boomerang Bloon: Gives you a boomerang for your next shot when popped; the boomerang flies in the direction it was thrown for a few seconds before returning to the monkey.
  • Spiky Bloon: Drops a spiky ball when popped; the spiky ball pops Bloons on contact and can bounce off of Rubber Blocks just like a dart.
  • Pac-Man Bloon: Spawns a Pac-Man when popped; the Pac-Man can be controlled with the arrow keys and will pop any Bloon it touches, even Frozen Bloons. The Pac-Man disappears after about five seconds.


  • Metal Block: An indestructible block that stops your darts.
  • Tile Block: Similar to a Metal Block, but breaks and disappears after being hit by a dart.
  • Rubber Block: Causes any dart that hits it to bounce off.


  • Due to its low difficulty, Bloons Junior is the ideal game to play for young children and casual players who are just getting into the Bloons series for the first time or just not very skilled at Bloons.