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Bloxorz is a puzzle flash game that was developed by Damien Clarke and released on August 22, 2007.

Although Flash was discontinued on January 12 2021, Bloxorz is still playable on Miniclip having been converted to run on Unity, as well as through BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint in it’s original flash form.


  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Move the block
  • Space Bar: Select block (when the block has been split in two)


In Bloxorz, you control a rectangular block of metal that you have to move through a series of 33 levels by rotating it along the ground until it is able to be rotated vertically into the exit hole, preferably in as few moves as possible. In each level, the ground is made up of many tiles across which you'll need to navigate the block. When the block is standing vertically, it will take up one tile, and when it is laying horizontally it takes up two. As the exit hole in each level is only one tile wide, you have to end the level by rotating the block vertically onto the hole. This can be easier said than done as the level can be failed if you rotate the block off the edge of the level, and some levels have very narrow paths, requiring you to plan each of your moves in advance.

Game Elements[]

  • Bridge: A group of tiles that becomes active when you activate it via a switch. Some bridges activate and deactivate each time you hit their switch, while others become permanently active after you hit their switch.
  • Soft Switch (aka Round Switch): A switch that activates when any part of your block touches it.
  • Hard Switch (aka X Switch): A switch that only activates when your block lands on it while standing vertically.
  • Orange Tile: A weak tile that breaks away if your block stands vertically on it, causing your block to fall.
  • Split Switch: A switch that splits your block up into two smaller cubes and teleports them to different parts of the level. When this happens, each cube can be controlled individually and will reconnect to become a whole block again when they're placed next to each other.