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Chaos Faction 2 is a fighting flash game developed by Dissolute Productions and sponsored by Armor Games.

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The game can be found here:


Now with more CHAOS!

The long-awaited sequel to the classic Chaos Faction! Battle your way through 15 new campaign levels with new weapons, characters, moves, and more explosions than you can shake a stick of dynamite at.

New features include: improved hand-to-hand combat, enhanced level editor, offline multiplayer, advanced character editor, unlockable game options, achievements, and a new deathmatch mode: Plunger Match.

Also check out the CF2 forum for CF2-related stuff, including updates, tips, and level competitions! 


There are 3 zones in the campaign, each one with 5 levels, the last level of each zone must be unlocked by finishing the previous 4 stages to become Champion.

Zone 1[]

Town Tussle[]

Town Tussle is the first level of the zone and the game. You must defeat the the bullies, Kevin, Derek and Bruce, with the help of the character "Punk".

  • Description: The local bullies are wreaking havok in the neighbourhood. Time for you and your friend to deal out some home-grown justice.

Tribal Trouble[]

Tribal trouble is the second level of the first zone. You must defeat some monkeys that are invading the lands of the "Umbugo tribe", you must defeat the tribes with the help of a tribe's member.

  • Description: Monkeys everywhere! Help the Umbugo tribe fight off the invading primates.


A farmer challenges you to defeat more foxes than him in 1 minute.

  • Description: An infinite supply of foxes? This sounds like a challenge! Take out more than the farmer before time runs out.

Grave Situation[]

Zombies are are appearing in a cemetery and you must defeat them. That's the first level This is the first level where you have no help from a npc.

  • Description: The dead are disturbing the peace down at the graveyard again. Time for some zombie smashing action!



First level unlocked and the last one in zone 1. The player is fighting in a colosseum, first you must fight with 2 tigers and then 2 monkeys, the last challenge is the gladiator.

  • Description: Lions and Tigers and Gladiators, oh my! Can you prove yourself to the emperor in the ingeniously entitle Chaosseum?

Zone 2[]

Castle Hassle[]

The first level of zone 2. A medieval war is happening and your batallion has been destroyed, now you must fight against two enemy knights with the help of your last knight alive.

  • Description: Our batallion has been all wiped out, and it's up to your one remaining fellow guardsmen to defend the battlement.

Spaced Out[]

Aliens are invading a human base in the space and you must defend it.

  • Description: A good old-fashioned alien invasion in some random space station somewhere in the galaxy! Fight for humanity!



Chaos Faction 2 Campaign Mode

Video featuring Chaos Faction 2's Campaign Mode.


Chaos Faction 2 Survival Mode

Video Featuring Chaos Faction 2's Survival Mode.