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Chibi Knight is an adventure game made by BoMToons and released on February 3, 2010. The game combines elements of platforming and RPG games. You play as the titular Chibi Knight, who is on a quest to save her kingdom from three giant monsters and their army of evil creatures.

Although Flash was discontinued on January 12 2021, Chibi Knight is still playable through BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint as well as The Newgrounds Player.


  • Arrow Keys: Move (Overworld)
    • Left/Right: Move left/right (Battles)
    • Up: Jump (Battles)
  • A: Attack, Select Option
  • S: Bring up the Spell Menu
  • P: Pause/Unpause


The game begins on an overworld map of the kingdom of Oukoku, which you can explore freely save for a few areas that are blocked off until you complete certain tasks in the game. Your main objective is to find and kill each of the three giant beasts that are attacking the island, but to do so you first have to gain XP by killing enemies to become stronger. To do so, you simply need to walk into an enemy wandering around on the overworld, which triggers a battle. In this game, battles consist of small platforming sections where you're pitted against a horde of enemies that must be killed. You can leave the battle at any time, but the battle is only considered to be won if you've killed all the enemies first.

In battle, you can perform melee attacks and use magic spells (once you acquire them from the wizards found in various parts of the overworld) to fight off enemies. Magic spells cost energy to use, and energy can be replenished by collecting blue energy jars. Likewise, you take damage if you get hit by enemies or their projectiles, and can regain health by collecting hearts. Attacking and killing enemies earns you XP; after earning enough XP, you'll level up and be able to upgrade your sword, armor, and/or magic depending on how much XP you have available to spend.

Armor, Sword, and Magic Upgrades[]


Upgrading your armor lets you take less damage when hit by enemies.

  1. Rusty Armor
  2. Tin Armor (Needs 25 XP)
  3. Iron Armor (Needs 50 XP)
  4. Silver Armor (Needs 100 XP)
  5. Jade Armor (Needs 180 XP)
  6. Sapphire Armor (Needs 280 XP)
  7. Ruby Armor (Needs 400 XP)
  8. Diamond Armor (Needs 550 XP)
  9. Golden Armor (Needs 800 XP)


Upgrading your sword lets you deal more damage to enemies.

  1. Rusty Sword
  2. Iron Sword (Needs 120 XP)
  3. Broadsword (Needs 185 XP)
  4. Steel Sword (Needs 270 XP)
  5. Blazing Sword (Needs 450 XP)
  6. Lava Sword (Needs 650 XP)
  7. Silver Sword (Needs 1100 XP)
  8. Golden Sword (Needs 1500 XP)
  9. Diamond Sword (Needs 1950 XP)


Upgrading your magic makes your spells more powerful and consume less magic energy so you can refill your energy meter more quickly.

  1. Level 1 Magic [Represented by a Bomb icon]
  2. Level 2 Magic (Needs 45 XP) [Represented by an Acid Ball icon]
  3. Level 3 Magic (Needs 90 XP) [Represented by an Ice Ball icon]
  4. Level 4 Magic (Needs 150 XP) [Represented by a Lava Ball icon]
  5. Level 5 Magic (Needs 250 XP) [Represented by a Fire Ball icon]
  6. Level 6 Magic (Needs 380 XP) [Represented by a Light Ball icon]
  7. Level 7 Magic (Needs 530 XP) [Represented by a Plasma Bomb icon]
  8. Level 8 Magic (Needs 750 XP) [Represented by an Energy Bomb icon]
  9. Level 9 Magic (Needs 950 XP) [Represented by a Hyper Bomb icon]

Magic Spells[]

These are extra abilities that can be used in exchange for magic energy. They are unlocked by talking to the wizards of the island.

  • Bomb Attack: Launches a volley of explosive projectiles that rain down around you. Obtained by going to the hut right next to your starting point and talking to the wizard there.
  • Magic Shield: Makes you take much less damage from enemies for a short while. Obtained by getting the Ax from Glitch the Blacksmith, cutting down enough trees to get 100 pieces of wood, and then going to the demolished wizard house.
  • Healing Spell: Restores HP. Obtained by getting the Ax from Glitch the Blacksmith and cutting down the big tree with an orange bird in it, revealing a hidden wizard house.
  • Magic Fire: Lets you shoot fireballs when using melee attacks. Unlike the other spells, this one acts as a mode that can be toggled on and off instead of an instant ability; also, toggling the spell itself doesn't cost any energy, but each fireball shot costs a tiny bit of energy. Obtained by discovering the secret wizard lair in the second floor of the Dungeon of the Three Knights.

Key Items[]

These are items you collect from defeated bosses and other quests so you can use them to make further progress in the game.

  • Magic Boots: Let you walk on water. Obtained by killing the Canyon Beast.
  • Skull Key: Lets you enter the Demon Beast's lair. Obtained by killing the Island Beast.
  • Ax: Lets you cut down trees in the overworld and collect wood. Obtained by getting the Magic Boots, freeing the pixie in the shrine area (to the left of your starting point), and then going to Glitch the Blacksmith's ship positioned to the north of the Island Beast's island.
  • Dungeon Keys: Let you pass through the doors of the Dungeon of the Three Knights. Obtained by picking them up in the overworld - be wary, they are guarded by high-tier enemies!
  • Guardian Gems: Used to open the last gate of the Dungeon of the Three Knights; the gate unlocks once you collect all three. Obtained by defeating the three guardian knights.


  • Blip-Blop: Middling slime enemy that makes small jumps towards you. Gives 3 XP when defeated.
  • Cheshire: Cat-like creature that acts similarly to a Blip-Blop, but can sometimes make really high jumps to try and hit you from above. Gives 6 XP when defeated.
  • Bleak: Fast-moving bird that drops in from the sky and flies straight across the screen. If attacked, it flips over on its back and can't do anything. Gives 8 XP when defeated.
  • Webly: Giant spider that hangs from a ceiling and sometimes drops down. Gives 10 XP when defeated.
  • Dungeon Webly: Same as a normal Webly but has higher health. Gives 35 XP when defeated.
  • Helmetoid: A red helmet-wearing creature that slowly chases after you and uses melee attacks with a rusty sword. Gives 25 XP when defeated.
  • T.O.U.S.: Giant pig creature that stands in one spot and sometimes flings a flail at you. This flail can be dodged by jumping when the attack animation starts. Gives 75 XP when defeated.


  • Canyon Beast: A giant furball that uses a simple attack pattern - he makes three little hairballs, flings them upwards to have them fall from the sky, and then repeats the cycle. He also flails his tentacles out when flinging the hairballs, which can damage you if you're too close to him. The hairballs can be easily be avoided by hiding under one of the floating platforms. Gives 200 XP and the Magic Boots when defeated.
  • Island Beast: A huge sea dragon that attacks from beneath the water. He emerges from one of the two pits in his arena, spits up three fireballs, submerges himself, then pops up from the other pit to restart the cycle. He can only be damaged by hitting his head. Using Bomb Attack at close range can deal high damage. Gives 200 XP and the Skull Key when defeated.
  • Red Knight: One of the three ancient guardians protecting the path to the Demon Beast. He wields a magic ax and is invincible while holding it. He uses a couple melee attacks with it, then throws it to try and hit you with it. Doing this leaves him vulnerable to attack, and he'll run to his ax so he can pick it up and become invincible again, thus restarting the cycle. Damage him as much as you can while he's vulnerable! Gives 400 XP when defeated.
  • Green Knight: Another one of the three guardians blocking the way to the Demon Beast. He wears extra-tough armor that makes him invulnerable to any of your attacks, but he can still be damaged by hitting him with rocks that the statues in his arena constantly spit out. He attacks by walking around the room and using melee attacks with his spear. Gives 400 XP when defeated.
  • Purple Knight: The third one of the three guardians obstructing the route to the Demon Beast. He spins back and forth across the room, stopping every time he reaches one side of the room under a dizzy spell. Can only be damaged while dizzy. His arena also has three flame jets that occasionally spew fire, making it harder to navigate around the room and dodge his attacks. There are platforms around the room, which can be used to go above the area where the Purple Knight can attack. Gives 400 XP when defeated.
  • Demon Beast: A gigantic floating one-eyed furball with tentacles (possibly the Canyon Beast's older brother, or perhaps a distant cousin) that flies back and forth across the top of the screen, constantly spitting fireballs directly below. He's protected by a magic force field that can only be dispersed by destroying three magic orbs in the arena - two on the ground, and one at the top of the mountain, right in the middle of the Demon Beast's flight path. Once the orbs are destroyed, the Demon Beast will now take damage but he'll change his flight pattern and fly diagonally, bouncing off the sides of the screen. Also, he can only be hit in the eye. After taking enough damage, his body will be destroyed, leaving only the eye behind...
    • Demon Eye: The Demon Beast's final form, and an utterly pathetic one at that. With his body gone, the Demon Eye falls to the ground and can't do anything, allowing you to finish him off effortlessly.


After beating the Demon Beast and winning the game, you get a ranking depending on how high you leveled up your equipment and how many times you died. These ranks are as follows:

Note: This list is incomplete...more info TBA!

  • Defensive Journeyman: Finish the game with your Armor at Level 6 or 7.
  • Aggressive Journeyman: Finish the game with your Sword at Level 6 or 7.
  • Magic Journeyman: Finish the game with your Magic at Level 6 or 7.
  • Master Defender: Finish the game with your Armor at Level 8.
  • Master Swordsman: Finish the game with your Sword at Level 8.
  • Master Magician: Finish the game with your Magic at Level 8.
  • Ultimate Master of Ultimate Destiny: Finish the game with your Armor, Sword, and Magic all at Level 9.
  • Ultra Sword: Unknown


Chibi Knight went on to spawn a sequel, Super Chibi Knight, which is available for purchase on Steam. A free demo version of said sequel can be found online.

Also, Chibi Knight (the character) appears in Epic Battle Fantasy 5 as a guest boss character the heroes must fight. The heroes fight her a total of three times in the game, and in the third encounter they can capture her and use her as a summon.


  • In some in-game dialogue, the Demon Beast is referred to as the "Lava Beast."
  • When playing using the Adobe Flash Player Debugger dying to the final boss will prevent the player from interacting with hitboxes, effectively trapping the player in the guardian room. Reloading the game fixes this issue.
  • Some online flash emulators (including Ruffle) will error out upon attempting to move through the final door in the guardian room, preventing the player from progressing onto the final boss.