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Concerned Joe is a puzzle platformer Flash game developed by OmarShehata, featuring voice work by JohnnyUtah, art by 3D-xelu, and music composed by F-777. It was published on Newgrounds on October 22, 2011, and it revolves around a blobby guy named Joe who has to escape a mad scientist's lab and can't stop moving or else he'll die.


  • Left/Right: Move
  • Up: Jump
  • Mouse: Click to teleport (once unlocked)
  • R: Restart level
  • P: Pause/Unpause
  • M: Unmute


Concerned Joe.png

In this game you play as Joe, a sentient blob who has been inflicted with a disease called IHTMOID (I Have to Move Or I'll Die) by the evil scientist who created him, and must make your way through a set of platforming levels full of various puzzles and hazards. The puzzles aren't too overly complicated but their difficulty is exacerbated by the fact that Joe loses health whenever he isn't moving due to the IHTMOID; therefore, you have to make sure to only stop moving when it's absolutely necessary (if at all) in order to ensure you don't run out of health before you reach the end of each level.

Level Elements[]

  • Green Tile: Lets you not lose any health when stationary as long as you're standing or walking on it.
  • White Tile: Prevents your health from regeneration while you're standing or walking on it.
  • Red Tile: Instantly kills you if you touch it.
  • Bouncy Tile: Bounces you upward when you touch it.
  • Switch: Opens a door when it's activated; can be activated by standing on it.
  • Pressure Switch: Similar to a normal Switch, but can only be activated by pushing a Box onto it.
  • Box: Can be pushed around, and can activate Pressure Switches when it's pushed on top of them.
  • Timed Switch: Similar to a normal Switch, but you have to stand on it for a few seconds to activate it.
  • Weak Tile: Disappears if you touch it.
  • Sticky Tile: Lets you cling onto it and jump off to get to higher areas.
  • Conveyor Tile: Moves you in a certain direction when you stand on it.


  • Impossible: Find a way to kill yourself in the main menu hub screen.
  • Fabulous: Find the Rainbow Trail accessory.
  • Manic Jumper: Jump 100 times in the tutorial level.
  • Sonic: Move fast enough to outrace the elevator in Level 13.
  • Dance Off: Start a rave party (by hitting the hidden button in Level 11 - this is only doable after beating the game once!).
  • Look Silly: Get Joe to stick to a Sticky Tile on the ceiling, which makes him look silly.
  • Gotcha: Die in Level 5 by destroying all the Weak Tiles blocking off the Red Tiles beneath them.
  • U Mad?: Find the troll face in Level 12.
  • Superhero: Find the secret cape.
  • Jailed: Find a way to trap yourself.
  • Cure: Get rid of the IHTMOID disease by beating the game.
  • Villain: Grow a mustache.


  • Huge Pill: Cures you of the IHTMOID disease and gives you the ability to fly. Found in Level 20.
  • Cape: Cosmetic item located in the tunnel beneath the Options/Credits section of the main menu hub screen.
  • Teleportation Device: Lets you teleport to a new spot on the screen by clicking where you want to teleport to. Located in the secret tunnel in Level 2.
  • Mustache: Cosmetic item located in the secret tunnel in Level 4.
  • Rainbow Trail: Cosmetic item located in the secret tunnel in Level 8. Causes you to leave a cool rainbow trail wherever you go.
  • Monocle: Cosmetic item located in the secret tunnel in Level 14.
  • Balloon: Cosmetic item located in the secret tunnel in Level 16.
  • Top Hat: Cosmetic item located in the secret tunnel in Level 17.