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Elements is an escape room Flash game developed by Neutral, where you're locked in a room and the goal is to try to find a way to escape, but the way out is filled with Neutral's cunning puzzles, secrets, locks, and objects.


In order to escape the room, you have to explore every section of the room and examine objects by clicking on things. Since the cursor doesn't change even if it passes over something you can click on, it's important to try clicking on everything in each section of the room to find something that can be interacted with. Some items can be collected and will be added to your inventory when clicked on. Once an item is in the inventory, you can click on the magnifying glass symbol on its slot to view the item up close. Certain items can be further interacted with when viewing them up close, mainly by fusing other items to them. The room also contains plenty of puzzles that can be solved by observing details in certain other parts of the room and using those details to figure out the solutions to the puzzles. The game also has a save function you can use at any time to save your progress; you can pick up where you left off later by clicking the "Load" option at the title screen.

Glyph Names and Values[]

  • Q (looks like a backwards P): 1
  • S (three straight lines in a zigzag): 2
  • E (also looks like an arrow): 3
  • D (square with one side extending): 4
  • Tri (looks like a triangle): 5
  • Windmill (square with two sides extending): 6
  • Z (looks like a backwards Z): 7
  • Four (looks like the number 4): 8
  • Eight (looks like an hourglass): 9