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Elements of Arkandia is a hybrid RPG/puzzle developed by Undefined and published by Kongregate on June 8, 2011. It involves running your very own shop in a medieval fantasy world and going out on adventures to earn gold to keep the shop open.


Elements of Arkandia has a few different sections you can interact with in different ways. The primary section is the Adventures section, where you go to fight legions of enemies so you can bring home gold and treasures for your shop. The Adventures contain a set of levels, each one more difficult than the last. Each level has you fight enemies by interfacing with a board full of gems for you to make 3-way matches with. You get two turns to make matches before the enemy gets a turn to either attack you or cast one of their spells, but you can get an extra turn by matching four or five gems together instead of three. The majority of these gems are elemental gems that give you mana that's used for casting spells, but there are also other types of gems you can match as well, such as gold coins which give you coins and rage gems which give you the energy to attack your enemies with your equipped weapon.

The Spellbook contains all the elemental spells that you can select to bring into battle with you. You start out with only five available, but can unlock more as you progress in the game. The Armory lets you outfit your character with different types of equipment, including armors, weapons, and other accessories. The Shopping section lets you buy upgrades for you and your shop. The Your Shop section is where you go to run your shop; you can put items you've found during your adventures on sale, and then open the shop to earn gold as people buy your items.

On top of all these features, if you choose to play normal mode, there is also a loan for 30,000 gold left by your father who had to borrow the gold to go on a journey of his own; the loan accumulates interest every day (one day passes every time you go on an Adventure or open your shop), so make sure to spend gold to pay some of the loan off as often as you can. Or, you can choose to play in Debt Free mode when starting a new game to bypass the loan entirely.



Level Description Enemies
Bandits' Nest This old forest serves as home to a small group of bandits; they lay ambushes in the night and get up to all manner of unsavory activities. Someone should really teach them a lesson in humility.
  • Bandit
  • Bandit Archer
  • Bandit Boss
Ancient Graves The tombstones of long dead adventurers are scattered around this ancient graveyard. It has become a good place for necromancers to practice their nefarious spells...and also a good place to find long lost treasures.
  • Skeleton
  • Skeleton Archer
  • Zombie
  • Skeleton Knight
Creeping Swamp Home to the often misunderstood Lizardman tribes, this swamp has forever allowed them to trespass into human land in search of resources. They must have a lot of them collected up by now.
  • Lizardman
  • Lizardman
  • Lizardman Archer
  • Lizardman Shaman
  • Lizardman Chieftain
Forgotten Cave This old cave used to be the entrance to a mine, but when a werewolf decided it looked like a nice place to set up home the miners were inflicted with lycanthropy. The best cure for this is a quick death before it spreads.
  • Werewolf Defender
  • Werewolf Archer
  • Werewolf Defender
  • Werewolf Mage
  • Werewolf Alpha
Twisted Weald Once a beautiful forest clearing, this area fell to corruption some time ago. Evil sprites and spirits have been seen around the area. One good thing about them is that they often own magical items.
  • Corrupt Lumberjack
  • Corrupt Ranger
  • Dryad
  • Forest Spirit
Dark Castle This dark and foreboding castle is home to the Black King, known for his cruelness and tyrannical nature. On the other hand, he's also known for his wealth and prosperity.
  • Dark Knight
  • Evil Mage
  • Devious Archer
  • Dark Knight
  • The Black King
Earth's Fissure This vast chasm reaches far into the ground and serves as a breeding pool for all manner of demonic forces. They're well known for their evil magical items.
  • Demon Spawn
  • Demonic Archer
  • Archdemon
  • Demon Lord
Lost Caverns These caverns were never really all that lost, it's just a clever name since no one in their right mind would enter a cavern network full of orcs...would they?
  • Orc Grunt
  • Orc Shaman
  • Orc Warlord
Vast Desert Once home to the proud armies of Hamlar, the grest deserts are now a huge expanse of useless wastelands. Travelers complain of constant attacks from nomadic bandits.
  • Nomad Warrior
  • Nomad Archer
  • Desert Mage
  • The Sultan
Snowpeaks Once home to one of Arkandia's legendary dragons, the Snowpeaks have become a resting ground for the armies of dead warriors sent to slay it. Perhaps within their bones there is treasure to be found.
  • Ice Golem
  • Restless Dead
  • Ice Golem
  • Ice Ghoul
  • Lich
Bridge of Woe This crumbling old bridge used to be part of the king's highway, but it is now a breeding ground for chaotic and senseless mnidflayers.
  • Mindflayer Warrior
  • Mindflayer Archer
  • Mindflayer Mage
  • Ancient Beholder
Pool of Spirits This ghostly region is always avoided by common travelers, as the wailing of long dead spirits can be heard for miles around.
  • Warrior Ghost
  • Archer Ghost
  • Ghostly Mage
  • Archer Ghost
  • Ghost of Despair
Lonely Island Home to a vicious band of roving pirates, this den might be worth a trip since it no doubt contains a lot of useful loot.
  • Pirate Crewman
  • Pirate Crewman
  • First Mate
  • Pirate Captain
Dead Lands This land has long been avoided by every living thing as great masses of undead zombie beasts roam the area.
  • Zombie Peasant
  • Zombie Peasant
  • Zombie Soldier
  • Zombie Archer
  • Zombie Soldier
  • Zombie Archer
  • Zombie Knight
Plain of Fire This land was taken by demons as their new domain during the great chasm. Adventuring here will be difficult, but rewarding.
  • Fire Elemental
  • Demon Soldier
  • Demon Mage
  • Demon Lord
Endless Bog This is the bog of the swamp witch; no one has ever returned from an expedition to here. Could you be the first?
  • Bog Man
  • Swamp Witch
  • Poison Elemental
  • Bog Man
  • Bog Queen
War-Torn Wastes These wastes have long been the personal prowling grounds of different bandit clans. While they're usually at each other's throats, they do join forces to repel invaders.
  • Bandit Warrior
  • Bandit Ranger
  • Bandit Magician
  • Bandit Warrior
  • Bandit Lord
Burning Tower This tower was erected by a grand fire mage hundreds of years ago, since then the doors have remained closed to everyone. Yesterday, the doors opened.
  • Trainee Firemancer
  • Firemancer
  • Burning Warrior
  • Burning Warrior
  • Arch Firemancer
River's End All of civilization has been founded by rivers; the largest river in Arkandia stretches from the shore to this point. It is infused with powerful magic.
  • Water Elemental
  • Water Nymph
  • Lord of Water
Unholy Temple Undead by its very nature is a scourge, but the undead that walk these halls is the most powerful to ever exist. Approach with caution.
Heaven's Door
World's End
Realm of Chaos


  • Mana Gem: Supplies you with elemental mana for spellcasting. It comes in four different colors: red for Fire, green for Poison, blue for Ice, and purple for Energy.
  • Gold Gem: Gives you extra gold.
  • Rage Gem: Gives you extra rage that you can spend to attack an enemy with your weapon.
  • Treasure Gem: Increases your treasure chance count, making it more likely for you to get loot when you defeat an enemy. If you rack up 100 or more treasure chance points, you are guaranteed to get loot from a defeated enemy. You may also get additional loot at the end of the Adventure depending on how high your treasure count is by the time you defeat the last enemy.


Spell Description Mana Cost Requirement to Unlock
Magic Arrows Shoots a magic arrow which deals 4 damage, +1 for every 10 Mana stored. 6 Purple Mana None
Fireball Deals 4 damage for every 5 Red Mana stored. Drains Red Mana to 0. 4 Blue Mana, 4 Green Mana, 4 Purple Mama Beat Bandits' Nest (Level 1)
Create Fire Converts a single gem into a Fire Gem. 8 Red Mana None
Create Ice Converts a single gem into an Ice Gem. 8 Blue Mana None
Create Poison Converts a single gem into a Poison Gem. 8 Green Mana None
Create Energy Converts a single gem into an Energy Gem. 8 Purple Mana None
Eternal Rage Destroys all Rage Gems on the board. Deals 1 damage and awards 1 Rage per gem destroyed. 8 Red Mana, 8 Blue Mana, 8 Green Mana, 8 Purple Mana Beat Ancient Graves (Level 2)
Fool's Gold Converts all Gold Gems into Poison Gems. 10 Purple Mana Beat Creeping Swamp (Level 3)
Steal Destroys 5 random gems and awards double the normal effect for each. 5 Red Mana, 5 Blue Mana Beat Forgotten Cave (Level 4)
Wealth Converts all Gold Gems into Treasure Gems. 5 Blue Mana Beat Twisted Weald (Level 5)
Fire Storm Destroys all Fire Gems and awards 1 Red Mana for each. 6 Blue Mana, 6 Purple Mana Beat Burning Tower (Level 18)
Ice Storm Destroys all Ice Gems and awards 1 Blue Mana for each. 6 Red Mana, 6 Green Mana Beat River's End (Level 19)
Planned Assault Destroys all Rage Gems and awards 1 Rage for each. 6 Red Mana, 6 Purple Mana Beat Vast Desert (Level 9)
Healing Fire Destroys all Ice Gems on the board. Heals you for 1 HP per gem destroyed. 8 Red Mana Beat Ancient Graves (Level 2)
Midas Touch Converts all Gold Gems into a random Mana Gem. Awards 1 Gold for each. 12 Purple Mana Beat Snowpeaks (Level 10)
Burning Rage Awards 2 Rage. Your next weapon attack deals 10 extra damage. 12 Red Mana Beat Earth's Fissure (Level 7)
Coldsnap Deals 4 damage. Your turn does not end. 8 Blue Mana Beat Snowpeaks (Level 10)
Timewarp The enemy misses their next turn. 16 Green Mana Beat Bridge of Woe (Level 11)
Life Leech Deals 4 damage and heals 4 HP. 8 Green Mana Beat Dark Castle (Level 6)
Treasure Hunt Converts all Gold Gems into Treasure Gems. Awards 1 gold for each. 10 Blue Mana, 10 Green Mana Beat Bridge of Woe (Level 11)
Lightning Strike Destroys 3 random gems and deals 15 damage. 15 Purple Mana Beat Lonely Island (Level 13)
Regeneration While active, restores 2 health and drains 2 Purple Mana each turn. 4 Red Mana, 4 Blue Mana, 4 Green Mana Beat Pool of Spirits (Level 12)
Wrath Drains all Rage. Deals damage equal to the amount of Rage drained. 6 Red Mana, 6 Blue Mana, 6 Green Mana Beat Endless Bog (Level 16)
Venom Touch Deals 2 damage on the enemy's turn for the rest of the battle. Does not stack. 15 Green Mana Beat Plain of Fire (Level 15)
Ice Shield Damage dealt to you is instead applied to your Blue Mana. Drains 3 Blue Mana per turn. 6 Blue Mana Beat Dead Lands (Level 14)
Warlord Increases Rage by 40. 12 Red Mana, 12 Blue Mana, 12 Green Mana, 12 Purple Mana Beat Lost Caverns (Level 8)
Sneak Attack The next weapon attack performed does not end your turn. Casting this spell does not end your turn. 10 Green Mana Beat War-Torn Wastes (Level 17)


The following upgrades can be bought here. They can be bought multiple times, but their prices increase with each purchase.


  • Orb of Eternal Fire: Increases your maximum Fire mana capacity by 2.
  • Orb of Frozen Ice: Increases your maximum Ice mana capacity by 2.
  • Orb of Toxification: Increases your maximum Poison mana capacity by 2.
  • Energetic Orb: Increases your maximum Energy mana capacity by 2.
  • Orb of Rage: Increases your maximum Rage capacity by 2.


  • Essence of Flames: Increases income from matching Fire Gems by 10%.
  • Essence of Frost: Increases income from matching Ice Gems by 10%.
  • Essence of Poison: Increases income from matching Poison Gems by 10%.
  • Essence of Sparks: Increases income from matching Energy Gems by 10%.
  • Essence of Fury: Increases income from matching Rage Gems by 10%.
  • Enchanted Gold: Increases income from matching Gold Gems by 10%.
  • Skeleton Key: Increases income from matching Treasure Gems by 10%.

Shop Upgrades[]

  • Haggler's Coins: Increases income from selling items in your shop by 5%.
  • Shop Expansion: Lets you add more shop decorations.
  • Extra Shop Display Shelf: Lets you put more items out for sale.
  • Council Permit: Lets your shop stay open longer.

Your Shop[]


Decorations are items that you can equip in your shop to make it more likely for specific types of items to be bought when you open the shop. Each decoration boosts different item types' selling probability by a certain amount.

Item Weapons Armors Foods Reagents Shields Jewelry Treasures
Mage Statue 3
Hanging Banner 2
Big Pot 2
Circular Window 3
Pretty Plant 3
Strange Vase 3
Comfortable Cushion 3
Suit of Armour 4
Arched Windows 2
Potted Plant 3 2
Old Books 4 4 4
Old Crate 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Hanging Crest 3 4
Wall Torch 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
Sturdy Table 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Mossy Stone 5
Hanging Picture 3 3
Ancient Cauldron 5


The game has 15 achievements in total; each of them increases your max HP by 10 when earned.

  • Taking the Fifth: Make a 5-of-a-kind match.
  • C-C-C-Combo!: Achieve a combo of four or more matches.
  • M-M-M-Mega C-C-C-Combo!: Achieve a Mega Combo.
  • Warrior of the Elements: Defeat an enemy without casting any spells.
  • Wizard of the Elements: Defeat an enemy without using any weapon attacks.
  • Now, Where Did I Put My Spellbook?: Unlock 7 spells in the Spellbook.
  • Phat Lewt: Acquire loot from 10 defeated enemies in total.
  • It's a Sure Thing, Daddy-O: Defeat an enemy with a treasure chance count of 100 or greater.
  • Secret of Mana: Acquire 80 or more mana in total.
  • Shop Till You Drop: Buy 10 upgrades from the Shopping section.
  • Capitalism Ho!: Sell 20 items in your shop.
  • Impenetrable: Acquire an armor value of 40 or greater.
  • The Royal Feast: Eat 2 consumable items.
  • Arkandia Jones Would Be Proud: Sell 5 treasure items in your shop.
  • Alchemy, Shmelchemy: Sell 5 spell reagents in your shop.