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Ev.io is a multiplayer FPS game set in a futuristic arena released on Crazy Games in January 2021. The game features tactical level designs similar to Halo, Destiny, and Quake. The player has various weapons and abilities that can be used to their advantage on the battlefield.

How to Play[]

The player has to click to be randomly added to a game. They’ll be able to play in free-for-all deathmatch and team deathmatch modes, as well as Survival, EV's PVE (Player Versus Enemy) co-op mode and many more.


There are various science-fiction inspired maps in Ev.io. The player can use the futuristic architecture tactically to their advantage. They can even double and triple jump to reach high places and surprise their opponents with an attack from above. Most maps have one-word names (with the exception of Dragon Temple, Hut 8, Little Town 2065), and some are only available in custom matches. The complete list of maps is:

Drought, Ancient, Hut 8, Fractal, Pawn, Dragon Temple, Enclave, Graveyard, Gypsum, Little Town 2065, Dusk, Frostbite, Intrepid, Trident, Rook, Fracture, Checkpoint, Evasion, Sanctum, Monorail, Rotation, Celarus, Bishop

Many of these maps have Christmas variants, featuring festive color changes and snowy weather. A few of the maps with Christmas variants include Evasion, Bishop, Fracture, and a few others. It is also believed that some maps experience Halloween changes, but this has not been confirmed.


There are a range of weapons in ev.io. The player has four possible default weapons, these being the hand cannon, laser rifle, assault rifle, and burst rifle. When the player is in the game, there are many different guns scattered around the map at specific points. These include shotguns, sub-machine guns, grenade launchers, bolt-action snipers, and many others. Listed below is the damage that each of these weapons deals for body and headshot.

Hand Cannon: 30 normal, 45 headshot

Auto Rifle: 20 normal, 30 headshot

Burst Rifle: 25 normal, 38 headshot

Laser Rifle: 45 normal, 68 headshot

Sniper Rifle: 95 normal, 135 headshot

Desert Eagle: 70 normal, 105 headshot

Shotgun: varies

Uzi: 18 normal, 27 headshot

Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Guided Rocket Launcher: varies

Katana: 75 normal, no headshot


Screenshot 2021-11-30 8.58

The Ev.io abilities menu

In the abilities menu, you can unlock certain abilities and switch your starting weapon.

The first abilities tree consists of movement options. It includes 3 points to spend in any combination on the following upgrades: jump height & number, sprint stamina usage, and teleportation(hotkey Q), each with 3 levels. Jump height levels are: Jump higher, Jump higher and 2 times, and Jump higher and 3 times. For sprint stamina usage it is: Sprint uses 36% less stamina, Sprint uses 52% less stamina, and Sprint uses 72% less stamina. Lastly, the Teleportation levels are: Teleports you forward, Teleport more frequently, and Teleport the most frequently

The second abilities tree has only 2 options, each with 3 levels again, and still 3 total points to spend in any way you want. These abilities specialize in reducing gun down time, being loading (hotkey r) and changing (scroll wheel or 1-9) guns faster. For changing guns, the levels are: Change guns .2 seconds faster, Change guns .4 seconds faster, and Change guns .8 seconds faster. For reload times, it is: Load guns .3 seconds faster, Load guns .6 seconds faster, and Load guns .9 seconds faster.

The third ability tree focuses on ammunition. The 2 options are increased ammo pickup when finding a weapon on the map (map weapons have limited ammo) and increased magazine size. You are once again given 3 points to spend, and 3 levels for each option. For ammo pickup, levels are 25, 50, and 75% more ammo on pickup, respectively. For mag size, the levels are once again 25, 50, and 75% increase.

The last 2 abilities trees consist of unlocking "active" abilities instead of "passive" ones, being the use of Impulse Grenades, Standard Grenades, Sticky Grenades, Mines, and Laser Trip Mines for the first tree, and just 2 options for the second tree, being Smoke Grenades and Flashbangs. For the first tree, you can choose a total of 2 to use, and only one ability from the second.


  • WASD to move
  • Space bar to jump
  • Shift to sprint
  • Q to teleport
  • Z to switch to katana/sword
  • G to throw grenades
  • R to reload (gun will auto reload when you run out of bullets)
  • 1-8 and mouse wheel to switch weapons
  • Left mouse button to shoot
  • Right mouse button to aim
  • M to open the menu
  • C to crouch
  • Press C while sprinting to slide
  • B to bomb
  • H to defuse bomb (from an opponent)
  • J to drop bomb
  • P for free spec cam
  • T to ressurect
  • F to throw flashbang
  • G to throw HE
  • E to throw impulse grenade
  • Y to throw mine
  • U to throw smoke grenade
  • V to throw stick grenade
  • B to throw trip mine

(note that these are the standard key binds and can be adjusted in the settings menu)