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This is a wiki originally created for Flash games found on the web, but has since spread out to permit all sorts of web games and animations on several platforms, including but not limited to Flash, Shockwave, HTML5, Silverlight, Unity Web Player, Shiva3D, 3D Groove GX, 3DVIA, Hypercosm and far beyond. It contains links, FAQs, help files, walkthroughs, and more. If you enjoy flash games and want to share your knowledge about them, this is the perfect place to document all your favorite web media!


Bureaucrats are one level "up" from other admins. They can freely manipulate local rights (excluding bureaucrat, bot and checkuser, which they can only give to others and remove from themselves strictly, only remove and not manipulate at all, respectively).

Other admins are limited to granting and revoking chat moderator and discussions moderator rights.

Don't hestitate to contact any of the admins if you need any assistance! We're here to help.

The wiki's founder is NoneTheFewer (Formerly XtinaS), but he has been inactive since 2018.


Here are some rules that you must follow, otherwise, you will eventually be blocked if the following rules weren't respected:

  • No spam allowed.
  • Respect everybody in this wiki.
  • No inappropriate content allowed in the masthead.
  • Do not attempt to engage in flame wars.
  • Do not ever vandalize an article. Any sort of vandalism will automatically result in a block without a warning (Unless if accidental).
  • Make sure all grammar and spelling is decent at least.
  • No bullying or racism of any kind, if one does so, they will be blocked from this Wiki.

If you followed all the rules, you won't be blocked, unless if you somehow attempted to forget the rules and break them. Anyways, happy editing!

Important Disclaimer

ATTENTION: As of January 12, 2021, Adobe Flash Player has been blocked on all major browsers (== Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Browser, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer). All users are still free to contribute to the wiki. If you want to help document flash games, you can still access them via the Flash preservation project, BlueMaxima's Flashpoint; download it here. You can also install Ruffle, but ActionScript 3 support has yet to be implemented there.