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Galaxy Angel Dating Sim RPG is a dating simulator flash game, originally presented on November 17th, 2004 on Newgrounds.com. An unofficial flash game version of the multi variety anime and dating simulator video game series Galaxy Angel, the game is one in a series of mature anime styled dating sim games by Australian Newgrounds creators Klacid and TENT. Naturally, reader discretion is advised at this point.

A more farcical take on the already comedic anime series, the Flash game is more rooted in sexual escapades, and like much of the duo's games, exaggerates the characters to the point of parody. Interestingly, the Flash game pays homage to both its originating incarnations, both in wise to the anime (serial sitcom setting, tone) and the video games (dating simulator, action game), and combines them with the creative makeshift oversight of the two.


The story begins as the main player character awakens with no prior memory, after being in cyrostasis in a stasis pod that had been floating adrift in space. Aboard the medical bay of the Elsior mothership, the headquarters of the elite Angel Brigade military space special forces unit, the player is greeted by Normad, the anime series' mascot and dutiful punching bag. With no time, Normad lets the character know that they are in great danger of being the Angel Brigade's whipping boy/girl, as the crew is affable but mentally out of their minds. The only way to get along is to become the new member of the Angel Brigade, and to romance one of them to successfully survive the insanity.


  • Player Character: The main character, being yourself, is mainly dependent on, well, who you are. The player character can choose between four character avatars to represent themselves in game as well as in gender and preference; for males, there is Tact Meyers and Lester Coolduras, and for females, there is Alma Blueberry and Shatoyarn of the White Moon.
  • Normad: Full name MA347612890GT4078579132R74 00Z 17924398TZR Two Thousand Modular Guided Type 452963752391MQTO Gold Launch System GLS-equipped Self-Judgment Model Type Double-O Three Seven 293165734285YGNKTIO1200YMCA4126PPPKG53 Normad. The series' victim of the Brigade's daily violence, Normad comes bearing information of the situation the player character is in. Originally a high tech AI guidance program for a missile weapons unit, he is now a stuffed animal toy usually carried around by Vanilla H. Due to his innocuous appearance, he holds more information about what goes on in the Elsior than anyone should know.
  • Milfuelle Sakuraba: Resident chef and cook, and representative "princess" of the Angel Brigade. While hardworking and a very skilled chef with an interest in baking sweets and confectioneries, she is also extremely airheaded and ditzy to the point of self harm. In short, a cute and charming loveable bimbo. Does not mean she won't mess your day up however.
  • Ranpha Framboise: Resident hand to hand combat and martial artist expert of the Angel Brigade. Flirtatious, attractive, and alluring, this femme fatale will bust your balls if she doesn't think you can wear the pants in the relationship and can't come out on top of her.
  • Forte Stollen: Squad commander of the Angel Brigade. With a love for guns that borders on fetishism, and with a rep born off the block of the streets of hard knocks, she'll either be your mature intimate fantasy or the hardcore dom bitch without a safety word.
  • Mint Blancmanche: Intel head and data analyst of the Angel Brigade. While collected and graceful in front, she is really a vixen with more sides than a Russian magic mirror, and is into hardcore foreplay with closets full of cosplay and mascot outfits.
  • Vanilla H: Head nurse and medical specialist of the Angel Brigade. A quiet, taciturn, and stoic girl with a devout piousness for faith, the obedient front hides a lot more than what meets the eye, even more than Mint. The stuff Normad has seen has him utter and mutter in stumbling terror about things about fish heads or something.