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Gold Miner is a puzzle arcade flash game that was developed by GameRival and released in 2003.

Although Flash was discontinued on January 12 2021, Gold Miner is still playable through BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint and a mobile app has also been created called Gold Miner Classic: Gold Rush.


In Gold Miner, the player controls a miner who digs for gold using a mining crank. In each level of the game, the player must dig for gold using the crank and collect enough gold to achieve the money goal. The crank rotates from left to right and the player must lower it at the right time so that it reaches the gold instead of missing. Once the player reaches a piece of gold, they will have to reel it back in, the bigger the gold nugget the longer it takes. Further levels into the game require the player to reach a higher value goal. Each level also has a time limit that the player must achieve the value goal by.

Gold is not the only thing that players can pick up with their mining crank, other items include rocks, bones and diamonds. Between levels, the player can visit the shop where they can buy things like dynamite to make mining easier and a book that makes rocks worth more money.


  • Gold nuggets: The main and easiest source of income, they don’t take very long to haul up.
  • Rocks: Take a long time to haul up and are worth very little, so it is best to try and avoid hauling these.
  • Mystery bags: Bags that are easy to haul and are worth a random amount of money.
  • Bones: Easy to haul but worth very little.
  • Moles: Small animals that are easy to haul but worth very little, unless they are carrying a diamond.
  • Diamond: Worth a very large amount of money and a very easy to haul but are small which makes them hard to grab.
  • TNT Barrels: A barrel that will detonate upon being hit with the crank, destroying anything around it, including valuables.


  • Down Arrow: Lower mining crank
  • Up Arrow: Use dynamite