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Helicopter Game

Helicopter Game is a helicopter flight Flash game developed by SeeThru.co.uk and released on June 4, 2002.[1]


In this game, the player travels further and further into a procedurally-generated never ending landscape and must avoid crashing into floating obstacles and walls, both of which end the game if impacted. A score is tabulated in terms of "distance", although no units are specified to indicate how this distance is denominated.


The helicopter can only be controlled by holding the left mouse button (causing it to gain altitude at a steady rate) or releasing the left mouse button (causing it to fall due to gravity). Similar to Flappy Bird, the player avoids obstacles through carefully timed button presses and falling maneuvers.


  • Canonically, the helicopter is flying into someone's head (possibly via the ear)[2]
  • The game's developer had a high score of 2148
  • Helicopter Game is currently available in a non-flash format on AddictingGames[3]