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Legend of the Golden Robot is a flash game that was released on March 3, 2011 and takes a spin on Minesweeper, combining elements of the classic puzzle game with RPG mechanics. It entails helping a local hero locate all the pieces of a powerful Golden Robot which is strong enough to defeat an evil wizard.


Once upon a time, there was a village.  Everything was good in the village...until the Evil Wizard showed up with his horde of minions.  The Wizard was seemingly invincible, but he didn't know about the legend of the Golden Robot...and there was a hero in town who did!  Legend had it that the Golden Robot was so powerful it could defeat any evil magic...but it had been split up and its pieces had been buried.  So, the hero's quest began...


The game consists of 21 areas, each one costing a different amount of money to unlock (except the first one, which is free) and containing treasures, both common and special, to find and enemies to fight. Some areas also require you to purchase certain equipment to be unlocked. The main goal of the game is to collect all 91 special treasures, locate all five pieces of the Golden Robot, and defeat the Evil Wizard. When entering an area, you are placed in a field where you can move to different tiles and try to dig up treasure. You get 24 turns, represented as hours, to search an area, although you can end the level early by clicking on the End Day button. Moving to a new tile costs one hour, while the cost of digging depends on the type of shovel you have (more powerful shovels cost less hours to dig with). If you move to a space that is occupied by an enemy, it will trigger a fight.

Fights with enemies play out much like traditional RPGs; you and the enemy take turns performing actions to try and defeat each other. On your turn, you have the option to attack, defend, rage attack, build up, or use a Special Item. Attacking will have the hero use a basic attack, which costs stamina. Defending causes the hero to lose less damage if attacked, and also restores all stamina. Rage attacking has the hero use a stronger attack that costs even more stamina. Building up has the hero build up an extra-strong attack, which leaves him defenseless for one turn and will be cancelled out if the enemy attacks him. Special Items have various effects on the battle - some harm enemies while others help the hero - and can be used only once per day.

If the hero dies in battle, you'll be taken to a minigame where the hero is being chased by the Grim Reaper. A letter will appear above the hero's head, and you have to type the matching key on your keyboard to help him literally escape death. You have to do this nine times to get the hero to completely escape the Grim Reaper and come back to life. If the Grim Reaper catches up to the hero, you have to start over.


The Village[]

The Village is the game's main hub. You are able to spend XP on your hero to improve his stats, as well as visit the Village's establishments for additional questing.

The Inn[]

The Inn contains three men who help your hero in various ways.

  • Norman the Bartender: He mostly just gives you hints and tells you things about the game's lore.
  • Andy: You can play Shove with Andy and win money if you beat him.
  • Brian the Brain: You can play a dice game with Brian. If you beat him, he'll give you money and XP, and also let you ask him about one treasure, which he will then mark on your map so you can easily find it.
    • The Dice Game: Brian's dice game begins with him rolling five dice. After that, you get to bet money (either $10, $20, or $40) and choose whether you want to try to roll higher or lower than Brian's total score. The five dice will start rolling, and you'll have to click on them to stop them. Note that duplicate dice are worth double points.

The Shop[]

The Shop is the home of Dodgy Pete's Emporium, where you can buy weapons and equipment.


Weapon Level Damage Cost Description
Knife 1 3 n/a

Crit chance: 0%. Starting knife.

Gladius 2 5 $100 Crit chance 0%
Cutlass 10 $200 Crit chance 0% speed +2
Tomahawk 14 $300 Crit chance 4% strength +1
Mace 18 $500 Crit chance 5% attack +2
Kopis Sword 25 $600 Crit chance 6% defence +2
War Hammer 30 $900

Crit chance 7% defence -5 attack +5

Battle Axe 40 $1500 Crit chance 8% stength +5 speed -2
Excalibur 65 -

Crit chance 10% vitality +10.

Can be dug out in area 12

Light Saber 70 -

Crit chance 15% all +1.

Its in the locked chest (can be opened with

silver key)


Spade Level Cost Sand Dirt Grass Rock
Rusty Spade 1 n/a 2 3 4 6
Metal spade 3 $200 1 3 3 6
Cutter 6 $250 2 2 2 2
Doubler Cutter 8 $300 3 1 1 3
Power Spade 10 $350 3 2 2 1
Hammer Drill 16 $600 1 1 1 1
Mega Drill 20 $900 0 0 1 1


Item Type Level Cost  Description 
Sun Hat Hat 1 n/a Starting hat
Shirt Armor 1 n/a Starting shirt
Boat Equipment 1 $1500 Unlocks areas across the river
Scuba Gear Equipment 1 $800 Unlocks areas in the river
Hedge Trimmers Equipment 1 $300 Unlocks areas on cliffs
Climbing Equipment Equipment 1 $500 Unlocks areas in forests
Cardboard Armor Armor 2 $100 +1 Defense
Chainmail Armor 4 $150 +3 Defense
Speed Helmet Hat 6 $500 +3 Defense, +1 Speed
Iron Breastplate Armor 7 $400
Beer Helmet Hat 9 $500
Winged Helmet Hat 11 $700


Common Treasures[]

Common Treasures are recurring treasures that have relatively low value. They can appear in a wide range of different areas.

Treasure Value Description
Empty Paint Can $1 Almost worthless, only scrap metal value.
Plectrum $1 Guitar tool.
Milk Bottle $1 Contained cow juice.
Cola Can $1 I always preferred Pepsi.
Spanner $2 Used to tighten, loosen, or hit things really hard.
Welles $2 Rubber waterproof boots.
Coprolite $3 Fossilized poop! It may be prehistoric but it's still a pile of poop.
Fork and Knife $5 Scrap metal value only, unfortunately.
Bucket $10 Don't kick it.
Dollar Coin $10 Pocket money.
Flint Arrowhead $15 Ancient arrowhead made from a chipped piece of flint.
Ammonite $20 Fossil of a prehistoric sea creature.
Silver Nugget $25 Nugget of silver ore.
Copper Ore $30 Lumps of copper, useful for making wires.
Pots $40 Collection of domestic pots with simple decorations.
Lots of Coins $40 Horde of copper coins.
Gold Nuggets $60 Nuggets of shiny gold.

Special Treasures[]

Special Treasures are unique, and so only one of each Special Treasure can be found in the game. Some of them can also be equipped to your hero as Special Items when found.

Treasure Value Description Area
Viking's Comb $30 Hair comb made from decorated bone. 1
The Kraken's Eye $85 The eyeball of a super squid. 1
Viking's Helmet $90 Padded helmet with horns, highly effective defense against head blows. 1
Shawl Pin $90 Golden pin used to fasten a shawl. 1
Greek Vase $110 Black and red pottery depicting an ancient myth. 1
Blowpipe $25 Long hollow stick used to blow poison darts at enemies. 2
Necklace of Teeth $70 Made from animal teeth. 2
4-Leaf Clover $77 Very lucky. 3
Chinese Coin $90 Round copper coin with a square hole. 3
Barrel of Rum $95 It smells like it could strip paint. 3
Centurion's Helmet $120 Helmet of a soldier in charge of 100 men. 3
Mayan Gold $120 Gold bars with Mayan inscriptions. 3
Silver Dollar $120 Worth way more than a dollar. 3
Sheriff Star $150 Badge of a law enforcer. 3
The Moaning Lisa $155 The Mona Lisa looks a little upset. This may be a fake but it's still worth quite a bit. 3
Deadly Nightshade $75 A vial of evil poison...poison of the most deadly variety! 4
Golden Compass $80 A golden compass. The back of it reads: "Awarded to One-Eyed Willy for 25 years of service." 4
Chopsticks $95 Luxurious wooden eating utensils. 5
Shark Tooth $99 Fossilized tooth of a giant Jurassic shark. 5
Unicorn Horn $200 The horn of a unicorn. A very valuable item. 5
Drinking Horn $60 Bull horn decorated in silver and used as a drinking vessel. 6
Silver Bullet $118 Used to kill werewolves. 6
Boomerang $120 Curved throwing weapon that always comes back to its user. 6
Mochi Idol $190 A golden idol depicting a long forgotten deity. 6
Antique Clock $150 An old clock, in surprisingly good condition considering it's been buried for so long. 7
Healing Potion $300 A very valuable item indeed. It restores health to whoever drinks it. 7
Cernunino's Cauldron $500 Silver cauldron depicting Cernunino, the Horned God 7
Cannonball $40 Iron ball shot from a cannon. 8
Pistol $90 Classic revolver, takes a while to reload. No bullets either. 8
Pirate's Ring $95 Big and flashy, just like its owner. 8
Ninja Star $130 Throwing star used by a ninja assassin. 8
Pirate's Peg Leg $140 A wooden peg leg. Highly valuable (to the pirate). 8
Golden Robot's Head $12 The head of the legendary Golden Robot. 9
Mongolian Leather $80 Leather armor worn by the mighty Genghis Khan. 9
Golden Belt Buckle $85 Flashy belt fastener. Probably belonged to a wealthy lord. 9
Mermaid's Comb $88 Hair comb used by a majestic lady of the sea. 9
Antique Globe $125 It may look antique, but it says "Made in China" on the bottom. 9
Sky Disc $300 Bronze disc with pictures of the sun, moon, and stars. Used as a navigational tool. 9
Map Piece $50 A piece of what looks like a treasure map. Used to unlock Area 12. 10
Astral Telescope $95 Brass viewing device that's full of stars. 10
Spartan Helmet $150 One of a set of 300. 10
Voodoo Doll $13 Human effigy stuck with pins. Not to be toyed with. 11
Amphora $45 Ceramic vase with a long neck, used to carry oil. 11
Cannon $100 Massive metal gun on wheels that was used on a pirate ship. 11
Pirate Skeleton $100 A pirate's skeleton, complete with a gem in its eyepatch! Has a nametag that reads "One-Eyed Willy." 11
Bull Vase $120 Ancient vase in the shape of a bull's head. 11
Ancient Manuscript $160 It looks very old. It might even contain magic spells! If only you could open it... 11
Ocarina $15 Ceramic wind instrument. 12
Amber Bug $30 Petrified tree sap with a bug trapped inside. Used to clone dinosaurs. 12
Excalibur $100 The mythical sword of King Arthur. Has healing powers! 12
Golden Robot's Arm $100 The arm of the legendary Golden Robot. 12
Dragon Scale $125 Scale of a giant, flying, fire-breathing lizard. RAAARGH!! 12
Cuneiform Tablet $44 Ancient clay tablet covered in wedge-shaped writing. 13
Dracula's Coffin $110 Dracula's coffin, filled with dirt and a wooden stake. 13
Medieval Chessmen $160 Chess pieces carved from walrus ivory. 13
Ornate Mirror $70 Gold-rimmed mirror with decorative carvings. 14
Winged Shoes $75 The winged shoes of Mercury. Don't stop me now! 14
Dinosaur Egg $75 Fossilized egg of a dinosaur, long and flat (the egg, not the dino). 14
Pandora's Box $75 Contains all the ills of the world, as well as the hopes...hopefully! 14
Golden Robot's Legs $75 The legs of the legendary Golden Robot. 14
Ruby Gemstone $450 Massive ruby, almost flawless 14
Gold Llama Statue $55 Tiny golden statue of a llama. 15
The Golden Fleas $80 A jar of gold-colored fleas. Its label reads, "Property of Jason, if found please return to Greece C/O the Argonauts." 15
Map Piece $50 A piece of what looks like a treasure map. Used to unlock Area 12. 16
Lacquer Box $90 Decorative box coated in almost indestructible layers of tree resin. 16
The Seal of Solomon $150 Very powerful item that was used to imprison a demon 16
Map Piece $50 A piece of what looks like a treasure map. Used to unlock Area 12. 17
Lapis Lazuli Scarab $60 Scarab beetle amulet made from a blue lapis lazuli stone. 17
The Pied Pipe'rs Pipe $60 The infamous rat catcher's musical instrument. 17
Genie's Lamp $123 Give it a rub and see if he pops up! 17
Egyptian Mummy $250 Bandaged body of an ancient pharaoh. Best not to disturb him... 17
Jade Silkworm $45 Small model of a silkworm carved from jade. 18
Ink Stone $50 Stone mortar used to grind and hold ink. 18
Map Piece $50 A piece of what looks like a treasure map. Used to unlock Area 12. 18
Ancient Backgammon $70 Ancient board game played with black and white stone pieces. 18
Ming Vase $120 Fine porcelain vase of the Ming Dynasty. 18
Brain in a Jar $99 I think, therefore I'm canned. 19
Golden Robot's Torso $99 The torso of the legendary Golden Robot. 19
Holy Grail $100 Monty Python would be so thrilled to have this! 19
Meteorite $108 Space rock that fell down to Earth. 19
Hen Tooth $122 Extremely rare and valuable artifact, considering birds don't normally have teeth. 19
Alien Lifeform $151 Some kind of alien species preserved in a pickle jar. 19
Crystal Skull $221 Skull carved from a piece of crystal. Might have alien origins. 19
Cyclops Monocle $60 Monocle used by the Cyclops. But if he only has one eye, does it count as a monocle or just a normal eyeglass...? 20
Silver Key $65 An old key. Has an inscription that reads "Opens a locked chest." 20
Blue Diamond $150 One of the largest diamonds in the world! 20
Golden Robot's Strong Arm $100 The other arm of the legendary Golden Robot. This one's his strong arm! 20
The Turin Shroul $57 Ancient tea towel...with a stain on it. 21


Buddies are small creatures that are initially in the possession of the game's bosses (except for the Golden Robot, who becomes an available Buddy once all five of his parts have been found). Once a Buddy's boss has been defeated, the Buddy is then claimed by the hero and can be equipped by him.

  • Birdy: Unlocked by defeating the Goblin Ninja. Has a 20% chance of dealing 10 extra damage to an enemy when you attack. Attacks by pecking enemies.
  • Pengz: Unlocked by defeating the Basilisk. Has a 25% chance of dealing 20 extra damage to an enemy when you attack. Attacks by shooting lightning.
  • Longanimal: Unlocked by defeating the Snake King. Has a 30% chance of dealing 30 extra damage to an enemy when you attack. Attacks by roaring loudly.
  • Whaley: Unlocked by defeating the Minotaur. Has a 35% chance of generating a magic force field that halves the amount of damage you take on your next turn.
  • Piggy: Unlocked by defeating the Cyclops. Has a 40% chance of dealing 30 extra damage to an enemy when you attack. Attacks by farting.
  • Golden Robot: Unlocked by finding all his parts. Has a 50% chance of dealing 40 extra damage to an enemy when you attack. Attacks by shooting lasers.


  • Goblin Grunt
  • Goblin Archer
  • Goblin Warrior
  • Elf Archer
  • Elf Warrior
  • Dwarf Soldier
  • Dwarf Berserker
  • Water Elemental
  • Fire Elemental
  • Stone Elemental
  • Skeleton
  • Skeleton Soldier
  • Pirate Grunt
  • Pirate Warrior
  • Pirate Captain
  • Samurai
  • Orc Scout
  • Orc Warrior
  • Orc Chief
  • Ogre


  • Goblin Ninja (Area 5)
  • Basilisk (Area 11)
  • Snake King (Level 12)
  • Minotaur (Area 17)
  • Cyclops (Area 20)
  • Evil Wizard (Area 21)