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MURDER is an arcade puzzle flash game developed by molkman, exotworking and StudioSeufz and released on November 12, 2014.


  • Space Bar: Charge stab (as the assassin), look behind (as the king)


You start the game as an assassin plotting to kill the king. Your goal is to take him out without being noticed. To do so, you must wind up for the stab by holding down the space bar. If you manage to fill the bar up completely, you kill the king and get to take his place, but if the king turns around and sees you, you will be imprisoned and have to start over. Make sure to stop holding the space bar when the king looks back to avoid being noticed.

Once you become the new king, you can now press the space bar to look behind you whenever you want as you walk down the castle halls. Constantly turning around as the king is necessary to catch other people that may be trying to kill you, be it random castle staff or another assassin. Enemy assassins are tricky to catch and can only be caught in the act by turning around just before they are about to hit you, but any other character can be caught at any time. Not everybody is out to ice you, though; some of the characters give you perks if they're allowed to get to you, so be careful who you decide to imprison.

While playing as the king, the red bar at the top of the screen slowly depletes; once it's completely empty, you'll die of old age and the game will restart (unless you let the good butler, one of the friendly characters, reach you, in which case you unlock a secret ending).

If you let the Jester kill you, instead of him putting on the crown and the robe, he will grab the crown and throw it, killing a man on the toilet, unlocking a secret ending.

If you let the red man get you, he will hug you from behind and you will unlock a secret ending where you get married to them and have a family.

If the bearded noble kills you and you let him live, you will unlock a secret ending where the people look upon the new king and celebrate.

If you let the yellow bartender let you drink, you will become immortal (the red bar won't deplete anymore), continue and make sure not to let anyone kill you. You will be enter another space after surviving for some time.


  • Don’t be afraid to let your knife drop if the king looks back.
  • Use the skills you’ve learned as the advisor to look for an assassination attempt when you’re the king!
  • If the king coughs, blinks, sniffs, or moves his eyes backwards, it is a signal that he is about to turn around.
  • If you're the king, do not imprison the butler in yellow clothing carrying a red wine, let him get to you.
  • If you're the king, and when the ghost of the king you've killed is behind you, don't look back or the red bar will deplete faster.
  • if you don't know who the peasants are (for the peasant ending) they are the three guys with pitch forks and a sickle.