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Miami Shark is an action arcade flash game developed by Mausland and released on October 7, 2009.

Although Flash was discontinued on January 12 2021, Miami Shark is still playable through BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint.


  • Up arrow: swim upwards and jump out of the water
  • Down arrow: swim downwards
  • Left arrow: swim backwards
  • Right arrow: swim forwards
  • Ctrl: bite


In Miami Shark, the player controls a shark that is swimming through Miami, which is depicted as a side scrolling environment in the game. The player’s main objective is to cause as much chaos and destruction as possible in order to build up a large amount of points. Although players can build up a steady stream of points by eating swimmers, divers and other sea life, the fastest way to build up points to perform a super jump attack. This can be done by diving to the bottom of the ocean and then swimming straight back up to jump into the air.

Any vehicles and people that the player lands on when they fall back into the water will be instantly destroyed and a chain reaction of explosions can be caused in order to gain an even larger amount of points. When the player jumps out of the water into the air, they also have the opportunity to grab onto aircraft above and can drag them down into the water by tapping one of the bite keys at the right time and then tapping the down arrow repeatedly as quickly as possible. Destroying aircraft is the largest source of points in the game.

The game will eventually end when the player has swam 98 miles and the player will be presented with an end screen and their score, with the option to replay the game in order to try and get a new high score.