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Papa's Freezeria is a game in the Papa Louie series.  It's the fourth cooking simulator game (aka "Gameria") in the series, and is the sequel to Papa's Taco Mia.  It involves making soft-serve sundaes for the various customers that visit the establishment.


Alberto/Penny (depending on who you chose to play as) has just taken up a job at Papa's Freezeria, an ice cream shop located on Calypso Island.  He/she is reading the employee manual, which advertises "stress-free work" and the ability of employees to decorate the store as they please.  Excited to start working, Alberto/Penny arrives at the Freezeria in uniform and is given a tour from Papa Louie.  Afterwards, Papa Louie leaves the store, leaving Alberto/Penny to start working.  Later, Alberto/Penny notices a ship on the horizon; upon closer inspection, he/she sees that it's the S.S. Louie, a cruise ship that Papa Louie uses to bring people back and forth between Calypso Island and the mainland.  The S.S. Louie arrives at the dock and a huge horde of customers exits the ship, all of them making their way towards the Freezeria while Alberto/Penny looks on in dismay at the approaching crowd.


In this game you play as either Alberto or Penny (you can choose which one you play as when creating a new save file) as they spend their days working at the Freezeria.  Each level constitutes one day of business at the Freezeria.  During a day, a number of customers come in and place orders for sundaes, and your objective is to create the sundaes to their specifications. This is done through four different stations, one for taking orders and three for assembling the sundaes.  When a sundae is completed and sent to a customer, the customer will judge the food based on how long they had to wait for it and how accurately the food matches their order, and give a corresponding score. If a customer gives a high score, they will also give you a tip. The points you get from customer scores give you XP that goes towards achieving a higher rank, allowing you to unlock more of the game's content, and the tips can be used to buy decorations for your lobby and upgrades to make it easier to make sundaes.  It's worth noting that unlike in Papa's Taco Mia, lobby decorations can be interchanged and rearranged, and you can also buy flooring and wallpaper to alter the design of the store itself - this is also true of every other Gameria succeeding this one.

The ultimate goal of the game is to reach a high enough rank to unlock everything. Aside from customers, there are two other ways to earn tips: weekly paydays and badges.  Paydays give you a large amount of tips once every seven days, and badges are in-game achievements that give you a small tip once completed.

In addition to earning tips and points, doing well on a customer's order also gives the customer a star. When a customer gets five stars, they get a Customer Medal that causes them to give you higher tips when you do well. The medal gets upgraded every five stars; the first medal customers obtain is the Bronze Medal, then the Silver Medal, and finally the Gold Medal.

Aside from normal customers, you also have to contend with Closers; the Closers are a group of seven customers that are more picky about their food than normal customers, and will judge you more harshly when critiquing the food you give them.  One Closer always appears as the last customer of each day (except for Day 1), and unlike normal customers, they don't appear randomly; each Closer is tied to one day of the week.  On Sundays, the most judgemental Closer of all, Jojo the Food Critic, will visit the Freezeria.  His scoring is even harsher than the other six Closers', and unlike any other customer in the game, he orders something completely different every time he visits.  If you serve him well, Jojo will reward you with a Blue Ribbon award; the Blue Ribbon stays on your counter for the next three days, causing customers to give you higher tips during that time.


  • Order Station: Check on customers and take orders.
  • Build Station: Assemble the sundaes by selecting a cup size, pouring the ice cream, and adding the mixables and syrups.
  • Mix Station: Mix the sundaes.
  • Topping Station: Add toppings.


Cup Size[]

  • Medium Cup (Available from the start of the game)
  • Large Cup (Unlocked at Rank 4)
  • Small Cup (Unlocked at Rank 10)


  • Nutty Butter Cups (Available from the start of the game)
  • Strawberries (Available from the start of the game)
  • Blueberries (Available from the start of the game)
  • Cookie Dough (Unlocked on Day 2)
  • Creameo Bits (Unlocked at Rank 5)
  • Marshmallows (Unlocked at Rank 7)
  • Pineapple (Unlocked at Rank 10)
  • Yum n' Ms (Unlocked at Rank 12)


  • Chocolate Syrup (Available from the start of the game)
  • Vanilla Syrup (Available from the start of the game)
  • Strawberry Syrup (Unlocked at Rank 2)
  • Mint Syrup (Unlocked at Rank 6)
  • Banana Syrup (Unlocked at Rank 13)
  • Rainbow Sherbet Syrup (Unlocked at Rank 20)


  • Chunky
  • Regular
  • Smooth


  • Strawberry Topping (Available from the start of the game)
  • Chocolate Topping (Available from the start of the game)
  • Whipped Cream (Available from the start of the game)
  • Creameos (Available from the start of the game)
  • Nuts (Available from the start of the game)
  • Cherries (Available from the start of the game)
  • Rainbow Sprinkles (Available from the start of the game)
  • Chocolate Chips (Unlocked at Rank 3)
  • Bananas (Unlocked at Rank 8)
  • Butterscotch Topping (Unlocked at Rank 9)
  • Shaved Mints (Unlocked at Rank 11)
  • Chocolate Whipped Cream (Unlocked at Rank 14)
  • Cookies (Unlocked at Rank 16)
  • Blueberry Toppings (Unlocked at Rank 17)
  • Gummy Onions (Unlocked at Rank 18)
  • Tropical Charms (Unlocked at Rank 19)


  • Mandi (Tutorial)
  • Tony (Tutorial)
  • Alberto/Penny
  • Wally
  • Matt
  • Lisa
  • Prudence
  • Marty
  • Ivy
  • Claire
  • Hugo
  • Utah (Unlocked on Day 2)
  • Kingsley (Unlocked at Rank 4)
  • Doan (Unlocked at Rank 5)
  • Edna (Unlocked at Rank 7)
  • Chuck (Unlocked at Rank 12)
  • Sasha (Unlocked at Rank 15)
  • Sarge Fan (Unlocked at Rank 18)
  • Connor (Unlocked at Rank 19)
  • Mindy (Unlocked at Rank 20)
  • Big Pauly (Unlocked at Rank 21)
  • Peggy (Unlocked at Rank 22)
  • Allan (Unlocked at Rank 23)
  • Cecilia (Unlocked at Rank 24)
  • Clover (Unlocked at Rank 25)
  • Rita (Unlocked at Rank 26)
  • Georgito (Unlocked at Rank 27)
  • Zoe (Unlocked at Rank 28)
  • Gino Romano (Unlocked at Rank 29)
  • Tohru (Unlocked at Rank 30)
  • Sue (Unlocked at Rank 31)
  • Mitch (Unlocked at Rank 32)
  • Carlo Romano (Unlocked at Rank 33)
  • Kayla (Unlocked at Rank 34)
  • Rico (Unlocked at Rank 35)
  • Bruna Romano (Unlocked at Rank 36)
  • Roy (Unlocked at Rank 37)
  • Akari (Unlocked at Rank 38)
  • Cletus (Unlocked at Rank 39)
  • Vicky (Unlocked at Rank 40)
  • Franco (Unlocked at Rank 41)
  • Maggie (Unlocked at Rank 42)
  • Little Eduardo (Unlocked at Rank 43)
  • Olga (Unlocked at Rank 44)
  • Taylor (Unlocked at Rank 45)
  • Ninjoy (Unlocked at Rank 46)
  • Kahuna (Monday Closer)
  • Captain Cori (Tuesday Closer)
  • Gremmie (Wednesday Closer)
  • Quinn (Thursday Closer)
  • Robby (Friday Closer)
  • Xandra (Saturday Closer)
  • Jojo (Sunday Closer)
  • Papa Louie (Unlocked after all the other customers have a Gold Medal)

Customers First Appearing in This Game[]

  • Utah
  • Ivy
  • Ninjoy
  • Kahuna
  • Captain Cori
  • Gremmie


  1. Newbie - Starting Rank, Earns $100 on Payday
  2. Trainee - Achieved at 300 XP, Earns $105 on Payday
  3. Tray Cleaner - Achieved at 750 XP, Earns $110 on Payday
  4. Cashier - Achieved at 1,350 XP, Earns $115 on Payday
  5. Part-Time Cook - Achieved at 2,100 XP, Earns $120 on Payday
  6. Ticket Handler - Achieved at 3,000 XP, Earns $125 on Payday
  7. Order Attendant - Achieved at 4,050 XP, Earns $130 on Payday
  8. Blender Apprentice - Achieved at 5,250 XP, Earns $135 on Payday
  9. Chocolate Champ - Achieved at 6,600 XP, Earns $140 on Payday
  10. Strawberry Server - Achieved at 8,100 XP, Earns $145 on Payday
  11. Vanilla Fan - Achieved at 9,750 XP, Earns $150 on Payday
  12. Banana Pro - Achieved at 11,550 XP, Earns $155 on Payday
  13. Mint Master - Achieved at 13,500 XP, Earns $160 on Payday
  14. Creameo Pro - Achieved at 15,600 XP, Earns $165 on Payday
  15. Peanut Buddy - Achieved at 17,850 XP, Earns $170 on Payday
  16. Cherry Champ - Achieved at 20,250 XP, Earns $175 on Payday
  17. Marshmallow Master - Achieved at 22,800 XP, Earns $180 on Payday
  18. Candy Fan - Achieved at 25,500 XP, Earns $185 on Payday
  19. Cookie Dough Pro - Achieved at 28,350 XP, Earns $190 on Payday
  20. Gummy Master - Achieved at 31,350 XP, Earns $195 on Payday
  21. Pineapple Fan - Achieved at 34,500 XP, Earns $200 on Payday
  22. Sprinkle Server - Achieved at 37,800 XP, Earns $205 on Payday
  23. Mint Shaver - Achieved at 41,250 XP, Earns $210 on Payday
  24. Banana Slicer - Achieved at 44,850 XP, Earns $215 on Payday
  25. Butterscotch Lover- Achieved at 48,500 XP, Earns $220 on Payday
  26. Cream Whipper - Achieved at 52,500 XP, Earns $225 on Payday
  27. Blueberry Expert - Achieved at 56,550 XP, Earns $230 on Payday
  28. Sherbert Swirler - Achieved at 60,750 XP, Earns $235 on Payday
  29. Blender Buddy - Achieved at 65,100 XP, Earns $240 on Payday
  30. Syrup Specialist  - Achieved at 69,600 XP, Earns $245 on Payday
  31. Sundae Blender - Achieved at 74,250 XP, Earns $250 on Payday
  32. Freezer Fan - Achieved at 79,050 XP, Earns $255 on Payday
  33. Master of Mixing - Achieved at 84,000 XP, Earns $260 on Payday
  34. Blender Expert - Achieved at 89,100 XP, Earns $265 on Payday
  35. Sundae Expert - Achieved at 94,350 XP, Earns $270 on Payday
  36. Mixable Master - Achieved at 99,750 XP, Earns $275 on Payday
  37. Ice Cream Machine - Achieved at 105,300 XP, Earns $280 on Payday
  38. Blending Boss - Achieved at 111,000 XP, Earns $285 on Payday
  39. Top Topper - Achieved at 116,800 XP, Earns $290 on Payday
  40. Part-Time Manager - Achieved at 122,850 XP, Earns $295 on Payday
  41. Master of Sundaes - Achieved at 129,000 XP, Earns $300 on Payday
  42. Best Blender - Achieved at 135,250 XP, Earns $305 on Payday
  43. Ice Cream King - Achieved at 141,750 XP, Earns $310 on Payday
  44. Sundae Shop Master - Achieved at 148,350 XP, Earns $315 on Payday
  45. Dessert Legend - Achieved at 155,100 XP, Earns $320 on Payday
  46. Freezeria Master - Achieved at 162,000 XP, Earns $325 on Payday
  47. Better Than Papa! - Achieved at 169,050 XP, Earns $330 on Payday (this goes up by $5 every time you earn an additional 6,300 XP)


These items enhance your stations to make it easier to serve the customers.

  • Doorbell: Alerts you when a new customer enters.  Costs $30.00.
  • Blender Booster 1: Lets you blend sundaes faster on Blender #1 by holding down the booster button.  Costs $80.00.
  • Blender Booster 2: Lets you blend sundaes faster on Blender #2 by holding down the booster button.  Costs $80.00.
  • Blender Booster 3: Lets you blend sundaes faster on Blender #3 by holding down the booster button.  Costs $80.00.
  • Blender Booster 4: Lets you blend sundaes faster on Blender #4 by holding down the booster button.  Costs $80.00.
  • Chunky Alarm: Alerts you when a sundae is blended to Chunky.  Costs $90.00.
  • Regular Alarm: Alerts you when a sundae is blended to Regular.  Costs $90.00.
  • Smooth Alarm: Alerts you when a sundae is blended to Smooth.  Costs $90.00.
  • Auto Ice Cream: Automatically pours the ice cream for you in the Build Station, giving you the best score.  Costs $250.00.
  • Sundae Hat: A wearable item.  Improves Waiting score.  Costs $60.00.
  • Straw Hat: A wearable item.  Improves Waiting score.  Costs $120.00.
  • Captain Hat: A wearable item.  Improves Waiting score.  Costs $180.00.
  • Chef Hat: A wearable item.  Improves Waiting score.  Costs $180.00.
  • Pirate Hat: A wearable item.  Improves Waiting score.  Costs $180.00.
  • Viking Hat: A wearable item.  Improves Waiting score.  Costs $300.00.
  • Royal Crown: A wearable item.  Improves Waiting score.  Costs $1,000.00.


  • Work Up the Ranks: Reach Rank 5 (Gives $30 when earned)
  • Regular Worker: Reach Rank 10 (Gives $50 when earned)
  • Freezer Carrier: Reach Rank 20 (Gives $70 when earned)
  • Long Haul: Reach Rank 30 (Gives $90 when earned)
  • Better Than Papa!: Reach Rank 47 (Gives $200 when earned)
  • Spending Spree: Buy any 50 lobby items from the shop (Gives $50 when earned)
  • Poster Motivation: Buy any 8 items from the shop (Gives $15 when earned)
  • Interior Decorator: Buy any 8 floor decorations from the shop (Gives $15 when earned)
  • Mixing Gear: Buy all the Mixer upgrades (Gives $50 when earned)
  • Serving in Style: Buy all the hats (Gives $100 when earned)
  • Bronze Beginnings: Earn 5 Bronze Customer Medals (Gives $30 when earned)
  • Customer Service: Earn 15 Bronze Customer Medals (Gives $50 when earned)
  • Silver Medal: Earn 10 Silver Customer Medals (Gives $70 when earned)
  • Coming Back for More: Earn 15 Gold Customer Medals (Gives $100 when earned)
  • Go for the Gold: Earn Gold Customer Medals for all the customers! (Gives $500 when earned)
  • Watch the Meter: Get 20 Meter Bonus rewards in the Build Station (Gives $10 when earned)
  • Ice Cream Rewards: Get 30 GREAT or AWESOME Bonuses on the Ice Cream Machine (Gives $20 when earned)
  • Mixable Meter: Get 40 GREAT or AWESOME Bonuses on the Mixable Machine (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Super Syrup Bonus: Get 50 GREAT or AWESOME Bonuses on the Syrup Machine (Gives $30 when earned)
  • Jackpot!: Get 250 Meter Bonus rewards in the Build Station (Gives $100 when earned)
  • Order Expert: Get a 100% Waiting score on 20 orders (Gives $70 when earned)
  • Build Expert: Get a 100% Building score on 20 orders (Gives $70 when earned)
  • Blender Expert: Get a 100% Mixing score on 20 orders (Gives $70 when earned)
  • Topping Expert: Get a 100% Topping score on 20 orders (Gives $70 when earned)
  • Perfect!: Get a perfect score on 30 orders (Gives $100 when earned)
  • Critically Acclaimed: Earn a Blue Ribbon from Jojo the Food Critic (Gives $40 when earned)
  • Best Restaurant: Earn five Blue Ribbons from Jojo the Food Critic (Gives $100 when earned)
  • Quality Assurance: Get 90% Service Quality or higher on five different days (Gives $50 when earned)
  • High Quality: Get 95% Service Quality or higher on 20 different days (Gives $100 when earned)
  • Romano Family: Serve everyone in the Romano Quartet - i.e. Bruna, Carlo, Gino, and Little Eduardo (Gives $150 when earned)
  • Franchise Friends: Serve the employees of Papa's Pizzeria, Burgeria, and Taco Mia - i.e. Roy, Marty, Rita, Mitch, and Maggie (Gives $150 when earned)
  • Closer Collection: Serve all the Closers (Gives $50 when earned)
  • The Gang's All Here: Serve all the customers (Gives $300 when earned)
  • First Paycheck: Get your first paycheck on Payday (Gives $10 when earned)
  • Month's Pay: Get your paycheck on four different Paydays (Gives $50 when earned)
  • Syrup Sampler: Unlock all the Mixable Syrups (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Cup Selection: Unlock all the Cup Sizes (Gives $20 when earned)
  • Mixable Master: Unlock all the Mixables (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Topping Pro: Unlock every ingredient in the Topping Station (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Sundae Cap: Serve 30 sundaes while wearing the Sundae Hat (Gives $50 when earned)
  • Beach Bum: Serve 40 sundaes while wearing the Straw Hat (Gives $55 when earned)
  • Anchors Aweigh: Serve 50 sundaes while wearing the Captain Hat (Gives $60 when earned)
  • Culinary Cap: Serve 60 sundaes while wearing the Chef Hat (Gives $65 when earned)
  • Seven Seas: Serve 70 sundaes while wearing the Pirate Hat (Gives $75 when earned)
  • Sundaes from the North: Serve 75 sundaes while wearing the Viking Helmet (Gives $90 when earned)
  • Freezer Royale: Serve 100 sundaes while wearing the Crown (Gives $150 when earned)
  • Cherry on Top: Serve 10 sundaes with Cherries (Gives $10 when earned)
  • Sandwich Cookie: Serve 30 sundaes with Creameo Cookies (Gives $10 when earned)
  • Cookies Ahoy: Serve 30 sundaes with Cookies (Gives $15 when earned)
  • Banana Split: Serve 30 sundaes with Bananas (Gives $15 when earned)
  • Gum'yuns: Serve 20 sundaes with Gummy Onions (Gives $15 when earned)
  • Peanut Buttery: Serve 20 sundaes with Nutty Butter Cups (Gives $15 when earned)
  • Fruity Sundae: Serve 30 sundaes with Strawberries (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Candy Shop: Serve 30 sundaes with Yum n' Ms (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Tropical Treat: Serve 30 sundaes with Pineapple (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Do the Dough: Serve 30 sundaes with Cookie Dough (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Cookies n' Cream: Serve 30 sundaes with Creameo Bits (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Berry Blast: Serve 30 sundaes with Blueberries (Gives $25 when earned)
  • S'mores: Serve 30 sundaes with Marshmallows (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Chocolatey: Serve 30 sundaes mixed with Chocolate Syrup (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Plain Vanilla: Serve 30 sundaes mixed with Vanilla Syrup (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Berry Mixer: Serve 30 sundaes mixed with Strawberry Syrup (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Cool Mint: Serve 30 sundaes mixed with Mint Syrup (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Bananarama: Serve 30 sundaes mixed with Banana Syrup (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Follow the Rainbow: Serve 30 sundaes mixed with Rainbow Sherbet Syrup (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Choc on Top: Serve 30 sundaes with Chocolate Topping (Gives $15 when earned)
  • Buttery: Serve 30 sundaes with Butterscotch Topping (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Light and Fluffy: Serve 30 sundaes with Whipped Cream (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Rich and Creamy: Serve 30 sundaes with Chocolate Whipped Cream (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Berrylicious: Serve 30 sundaes with Strawberry Topping (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Do the Blue: Serve 30 sundaes with Blueberry Topping (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Semi-Sweet: Serve 30 sundaes with Chocolate Chips(Gives $10 when earned)
  • Rainbow Sprinkles: Serve 30 sundaes with Sprinkles (Gives $10 when earned)
  • Nuts for Sundaes: Serve 30 sundaes with Nuts (Gives $15 when earned)
  • After Dinner: Serve 30 sundaes with Shaved Mints (Gives $15 when earned)
  • Breakfast for Dessert: Serve 20 sundaes with Tropical Charms (Gives $15 when earned)
  • Getting Started: Serve 4 Sundaes in Medium Cups (Gives $5 when earned)
  • Medium Master: Serve 30 Sundaes in Medium Cups (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Super Size: Serve 30 Sundaes in Large Cups (Gives $25 when earned)
  • Light Dessert: Serve 30 Sundaes in Small Cups (Gives $25 when earned)


  • It's been confirmed through Penny's Flipdeck (Flipdecks are online trading cards that contain short bios of various Flipline Studios characters, viewable on Flipline's website) that she and Alberto began dating during the events of this game.
    • This is also referenced in Papa Louie 3, where the two of them are seen holding hands in the game's opening cutscene.