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pete goes on an adventure is a poorly made platformer game in which the player controls the titular stick figure Pete through three short levels, the third of which contains a boss battle.


This game can be found at:


  • Left/Right - Move Pete
  • Up - Jump
  • Down - Crouch
  • Space Bar - Fire Weapon (if equipped)


Level 1[]

A very short grassland level. All the player needs to do is jump across the platforms, avoid the one platform with spikes on it, and reach the portal to the next level.

Level 2[]

A slightly longer cave level. The player must cross through a narrow hallway and wait for the spikes at the end of the hallway to go down before passing through. The player will then arrive at a locked door. To find the key, the player must climb up some ropes to reach a second hallway with a turret and the key at the end. The player has to jump/crouch to dodge the lasers as they make their way to the end. Once the key is collected, the turret will deactivate and the player can unlock the door to the last level.

Level 3[]

A boss battle with a wizard stick figure. The player spawns on a ledge and is able to choose between three weapons: a machine gun, a rocket launcher, or a shotgun. After choosing a weapon, the player must jump down and face the wizard. The wizard attacks by shooting fireballs and summoning bats which will home in on Pete. He'll also occasionally put up a force field which has to be broken down so the player can keep hitting the wizard. Once the wizard is defeated, the game is won.