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Power Pamplona (also known as Extreme Pamplona on certain websites and in BlueMaxima's Flashpoint) is a flash game developed by Rexona, a brand of hygiene products.  It's a fast-paced platformer game where your goal is to outrun various hazards.


  • Left/Right: Move left or right

    The game's description on Friv - note that Saint Petersburg is erroneously referred to as Moscow here.

  • Up/Space Bar: Jump


The game's level select screen

You take the role of Rexonamen, a Spanish bullrunner who finds himself in dangerous situations where he's forced to run for his life as he visits various different countries.  Each level has a different hazard to deal with, along with its own set of platforming elements.  The goal of every level is to reach the end as fast as possible without getting caught by the level's hazard.

There are nine levels in total, but you only have to play through five of them to beat the game.  You progress through the levels in linear fashion but certain points of the level map branch off, letting you choose which level to visit next.


  • Pamplona, Spain: The first level of the game.  Outrun an angry bull to avoid being gored!  Jump over crates and barricades to avoid getting tripped up.  Climb over merchant stands and bounce on window coverings to put more distance between you and the bull.  Watch out, though - the bull will crash through obstacles as he hits them!
  • Munich, Germany: A German woman is chasing you through the streets of Munich, apparently trying to force you to drink beer and be drink spiked!  Climb over stacks of barrels, run across the tops of trucks, and use trampolines to escape as quick as you can!  This level can be chosen after completing Pamplona.
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Sprint through the watery canals of Amsterdam to get away from a dancer who's infatuated with Rexonamen!  Hop across boats and rafts, but try not to fall in the water or you'll get slowed down.  This level can be chosen after completing Pamplona.
  • London, England: Make your way through a construction site in London, but watch out for the police officer who wants to arrest you for trespassing!  Climb up ramps, jump across moving platforms, and swing on cranes to get by!  This level can be chosen after completing Munich.
  • Geneva, Switzerland: Snowboard down a snowy slope in Geneva to outrace a mysterious masked skiier with unknown intentions!  Make sure to jump over the rocks and trees to pull off cool tricks and avoid getting slowed down.  Use the ramps and grind the rails to do extra-cool tricks and get more speed!  This level can be chosen after completing Munich or Amsterdam.
  • Paris, France: Traverse the ruins of Notre Dame while avoiding the Hunchback of Notre Dame!  Climb up old, broken-down statues and swing on ropes to get through the ruins.  This level can be chosen after completing Amsterdam.
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia: Rush through the streets of Saint Petersburg to shake off a crazy Cossack guard!  Climb high above the streets by bouncing on window tarps and swinging on poles.  This level can be chosen after completing London or Geneva.
  • Stockholm, Sweden: Find your way out of a Swedish spa to escape a really angry spa guest who's pursuing you!  Leap across fountains, climb up the marble walls, and use the other spa guests to bounce yourself higher, but watch out for all the steam that obscures your vision!  This level can be chosen after completing Geneva or Paris.
  • Return to Pamplona: The last level of the game, played after completing Saint Petersburg or Stockholm.  Time for a rematch against the bull!  This level has all the same obstacles as the first Pamplona level, but arranged in more difficult patterns.


  • In Geneva, if you get tripped up by an obstacle just before an area with a rail to grind on, Rexonamen will still continue moving forward but his grinding animation won't be triggered; consequentially, this results in Rexonamen appearing to levitate over the rail as he continues to move over it with his normal snowboarding animation.