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Progress Knight is an idle strategy HTML5 game developed by ihtasham42 and published on Armor Games on February 5, 2021.

There is a modified version called Progress Knight - Reborn that includes new jobs, skills, items, and other unique mechanics.

Another modified version called Progress Knight - Quest has been released which contains two new prestige layers, challenges, a skill tree, perks and more unique mechanics.

A third variation for players who fancy a multiplayer experience Progress Knight - Multiplayer has been released on mobile for both apple and android devices.


It is a life-sim incremental based in a fantasy/medieval setting, where the player must progress through the career ladder and acquire new skills to become the ultimate being.

The player first starts off as a beggar, barely being able to feed themselves as the days go by. However, over the years, they learn new skills and gain plenty of work experience to enter new high paying jobs while managing their living expenses.

As the knight ages, the player will be given an option to prestige and gain XP multipliers (based on the performance of the current life) for their next life at the cost of losing all their levels and assets.

It is recommended to do Military jobs early in the game, as they pay more than most common work jobs.


Click on the progress bars to assign the current skill/job you would like to learn/work.


There is several levels of prestige in progress knight all gained from the amulet which allow you to restart your life gaining modifiers in the process.

Touching the eye

this is the first way to restart your game and is acceded by reaching the age of 65 in a play through. When you restart you lose all your levels and gain a multiplier for all skill by the level of the skill divided by 10 plus 1. This also applies to any levels gained by evil or essence.

Embracing evil

Embracing evil is the second way to prestige in progress knight which is gained by reaching age 200 in a single life which is gained by modifiers like life essence which will increase your maximum lifespan. Embracing evil not only erases your levels but also the modifiers you gain from touching the eye. After which you gain evil and new dark magic skills in your skills tab.


Transcending is the third way to rebirth in progress knight requiring the player to live 10000 years in a single play through but also gain access to cosmic recollection. This erases all levels all level modifiers and all your evil. After which you gain essence and a new almightiness skills in your skill tab.