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  1. Click the button until the screen fills.
  2. Click and drag the arrow from top to bottom.
  3. Click and hold the "mercury" until the thermometer fills.
  4. Click the first red square to the left of a black square. Keep clicking the immediate leftmost red square until all is red.
  5. Click all the squares in order, even when they turn red.
  6. Click the heart when the screen pulses.
  7. Match the arrow pairs.
  8. Click the rightmost circle until the bottom-left circle is full. Click the newest full circle. Continue until complete.
  9. Click the left button, then click the right button enough times to catch up.
    • "One for you, one for me. Two for you, one-two for me."
  10. Click two squares in a line to turn them red. Do this until they're all red.
    • You can click the start and end of a row.
  11. The left button advances. The right button turns the "cursor" counter-clockwise.
  12. Clicking changes a square to red, four clicks later. Cycle through each black square, then click any three red squares.
  13. From left to right, top to bottom: click the left button when the heart is up, and the right button when the heart is down, even with overlaps.
  14. Click the squares to start them growing in cycles. Click to pause. Sync them up to fill the screen.
  15. Draw a line, starting with the bright square. The darker squares control whether it goes up, down, left, or right.
    • You cannot overlap!
  16. Click the eyes to wake them. Click them to see the button. Wait until the eyes sleep, then press the button.
  17. Click circles that have four diagonal circles around them to toggle completeness.
  18. What a pain this is. Click the four directional arrows (4 ups, 4 downs, &c), in a specific order, that's not immediately obvious.
  19. Rotate the three letters until they spell RED.
  20. Click the hearts, starting from one of the sticky-out parts. You have to cover all hearts, you can't overlap, and you have a timer.
  21. Click and drag.
  22. The image shows the next button to press. Think of how the knight moves in chess.
  23. Click the red triangle, then click a black triangle to "paste" the color. The bottom-most triangle fills the remainder of the screen.
  24. Each click fills the square, plus the two squares linearly adjacent. The adjacentness changes with each click.
  25. Click the left or right lens for each bar:
    • Click left or right lens based on whether each letter in the sequence is facing left or right.
    • Click left or right based on whether the individual Rs in the sequence are facing left or right.
    • Ditto Es.
    • Ditto Ds.
    • Is the word RED spelled forward (RED) or backward (DER), regardless of how its letters are facing? Click accordingly.