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Reincarnation: A Hillbilly Holiday (sometimes abbreviated as AHH) is a point and click adventure minigame from 2010 by Christopher "Chris" Gianelloni. As with the Gianelloni's last minigame, he did not consider this to be an actual installment of The Reincarnation Series, but went ahead and produced it due to the popularity and positive comments he received regarding his last minigame. Gianelloni followed the minigame up with two more minigames, Reincarnation: In the Name of Evil and Reincarnation: The Clergy Of Unholy, before he released the third official installment of the series. The series follows a nameless demon sent by Luke, a.k.a. The Devil, to retrieve evil Reincarnies back to Hell.


Follow these steps in order to complete the minigame.

  1. Click on the pink flowers to blow some pollen onto him to make him sneeze.
  2. Click the spoon to bring it towards the fire where it will get hot.
  3. Quickly click the beehive to make bees come out before the spoon cools down.
  4. Turn right.
  5. Click the keys in his backpocket.
  6. Click the lock by the outhouse unlock the door.
  7. Click the door to open it.
  8. Turn left.
  9. Click the axe to raise it.
  10. Use the axe on the beehive.
  11. Shake the fruiting vine to make a squirrel come out.
  12. Turn right.
  13. Knock down the bucket.
  14. Turn left.


  • Animated, Directed & Written by Christopher Gianelloni.
  • Programmed by Matt Parsons.
  • Music by Brian Holmes.
  • Voice of Luke by Andy Dennis.
  • Voice of Demon by Deven "D-Mac" Mack.
  • Voice of Hillbilly by Christopher Gianelloni.

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