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Title screen.

Riddle School is the first game in the puzzle point-and-click adventure Flash-based game series with the same name. It revolves around Phil Eggtree, trying to escape Riddle Elementary School. It was made and released by JonBro on May 15, 2006 on the Newgrounds website. It recieved a sequel on November 13, 2006, and a remake by Noodle (2 Left Thumbs) to celebrate the 10th anniversary, known as Return to Riddle School.


The game can be found here:


The game starts you off in a special class, having to click a pencil sharpener to escape the room. The room is not accessable anymore due to Phil not wanting to go back in.

To traverse to the next room, you'd have to click a sign which says either LEFT or RIGHT. At the next room, it's another part of the hallway with a door to go to Ms. Cophey's class where Phil's class friends are teached. There's also a sink with an open locker next to it which has a card with HALL PASS scribbled over it. It's required to pass the first half of the hallway. Ms. Cophey's class also has a trashcan with a feather duster inside, which you need to give to the school janitor who lost it, 808. 

You then go to the 3rd part of the hallway with a door reading JANITOR'S CLOSET. 808 is in there and as long as you won't give the duster back, he'll kick you out of the room. If you give the duster back, he'll reward you with a dollar that you give to Chubb in the 6th part of the hallway, sitting at the teacher's lounge door.

If you give it to Chubb, he'll jump forwards to grab it from Phil making room to go to the teacher's lounge or box office.

If you enter, you'll be greeted with a teacher who asks what Phil is doing in there. To get to the principal's office, you need to choose I want to tell the principal something then you need to choose I want to tell him a joke. The teacher will then let you in and a cutscene plays of Phil grabbing the school entrance door key from Mr. Cwesschyn.

You'll then have to go straight to the 1st part of the hallway, into the hallway door and trigger the credits.