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The World's Hardest Game also known as World's Hardest Game is an arcade puzzle game developed by Snubby Land and released on March 21, 2008.

Although Flash was discontinued on January 12 2021, The World’s Hardest Game is still playable through BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint.


  • Left arrow key to move left
  • Right arrow key to move right
  • Up arrow key to move up
  • Down arrow key to move down


As the name of the game suggests, The World’s Hardest Game is a very difficult puzzle game in which the player controls a red square that they must move through a 2D environment until they reach the green beacon where they will complete the level. The difficulty of the game stems from the fact that the player must avoid touching any blue circles, of which there are many and they will force the player to restart the level if touched just once.

In some levels, players must also collect yellow circles before attempting to finish the level by entering the green beacon. Later and larger levels in the game feature multiple beacons which act as checkpoints. There are a total of 30 levels in the game and the player must complete all of them in order to submit their high score, which is calculated on how many times the player has had to restart levels.


  • On Coolmath Games, The World's Hardest Game has a HTML5 version which has similar gameplay but different levels.