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This is the Only Level is the first game in the This is the Only Level series. It’s a puzzle game where every level is the exact same, except each variant has a different gimmick that the player must figure out in order to progress to the next level-- I mean, the same level. You play as the blue elephant famously created by jmtb02.

The level has a simple layout: the elephant spawns on the left side; the exit pipe is on the right, blocked off by a door; in the middle of the stage is a red button that (usually) opens the door when jumped on; between all those is a series of platforms, some of which have spikes.

There are 30 stages, plus an hidden infinite but unwinnable one.

Level Guide[]


  1. Arrow Keys Required: A perfectly normal level - just use the arrow keys to get to the exit.
  2. Not Always Straightforward: The controls are reversed (left is right, right is left).
  3. Think Before Doing: The door is open; don't jump on the button or else the door will close.
  4. Alternate Control Scheme: The elephant can only be moved by dragging him with the mouse.
  5. Freefloating: The gravity is greatly reduced.
  6. A Bit Bouncy: The elephant is constantly jumping.
  7. Dull Appearances: The elephant can't jump, but touching spikes makes him bounce really high!
  8. Candy Stripes of Doom: Parts of the terrain are striped; touching the darker stripes kills you.
  9. Arrow Control: The elephant follows your cursor. Click to make him jump.
  10. Heavy Headwind Here: Wind physics constantly push you to the left.
  11. No Returns, No Refunds: The elephant can't go left.
  12. Stay Low: The elephant can't jump, but the door is open.
  13. Left Right March: The elephant automatically moves to the exit, but you constantly have to tap the left and right keys to make him move.
  14. One Leap of Faith: The elephant can only jump once.
  15. Time to Refresh: The door won't open until you refresh the page.
  16. Keep Hitting It: You have to hit the button 5 times.
  17. Worried About Nothing: A normal stage, just like Stage 1.
  18. Collapse: Every tile the elephant touches falls off the screen.
  19. Stuttering: The elephant moves much more slowly in the air.
  20. Do You Remember?: The entire screen is white (except the exit pipe); it's up to you to remember where everything is.
  21. In-Between Gravitii: Parts of the terrain are striped; the lighter ones have normal gravity and the darker ones have reverse gravity.
  22. Mime's Folly: An invisible barrier blocks off part of the path to the exit pipe.
  23. Center Keyboarder: Use FGHT to move the elephant.
  24. UPPERCASE: The door will only open if Caps Lock is on. (Chromebook users can not complete this)
  25. When It Feels Like It: The door opens and closes on its own. It does this once every ten seconds.
  26. Or Is It?: The door is an illusion. You can walk right through it.
  27. Credits Page: The door won't open until you look at the credits page.
  28. Oh-ho, So Close!: The screen is zoomed in on the elephant.
  29. Closing Shop: When you hit the button, the door only stays open for 2 seconds.
  30. No Sweat: The level goes dark once you hit the button.