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This is the Only Level 4 is the fourth game in the This is the Only Level series.  Much like its predecessors, this game has the simple premise of navigating a character through many different variations of the same platforming level, each one having a different gimmick.  Interestingly, in this game you play as a green walrus instead of the iconic blue elephant that was seen in the previous three games.

As always, you navigate around the level using the arrow keys (except for certain level variations that have keyboard-related gimmicks).  The level has all the standard features - platforms, spikes, and exit pipe - but also has a couple of new elements; in this game, the level has four doors you can enter to warp to another door to get around more easily, and there are three switches you can interact with instead of a single button to open the door to the exit pipe.


The game can be found here:

Level Guide[]


  1. Flip the Switches: A perfectly normal level - just use the arrow keys to flip the switches and get to the exit.
  2. Pay Attention: The door is open; don't touch the switches or else the door will close.
  3. 011: Flip only the red and blue switches to open the door.
  4. Four Door and Seven Cheers: Enter all four of the warp doors to open the door to the exit pipe.
  5. Unusual Control: The controls are altered; press U to jump, L to go left, R to go right, and D to enter a warp door.
  6. Pastry Slot Machine: There's a slot machine near the red switch; keep spinning the slot machine until you win the jackpot.
  7. FrankenTusk: The walrus can still move around even after he's been killed; the walrus can only flip the switches after he's dead.
  8. Lo Fi: The door will only open after you change the quality to its lowest setting.
  9. All Seeing Eye: There's a camera device on the ceiling near the red switch; flipping the red switch on will activate the camera, causing it to emit a laser beam which kills the walrus on contact.
  10. Can You Open It?: The door will only open after you click on the word "Open" in the level's name.
  11. That Special Place: Don't flip the switches; instead, just enter the warp door at the bottom left corner of the screen, then once the walrus comes out the warp door on the top right corner of the screen, jump up and to the left to have the walrus touch an invisible spot that triggers the door blocking the exit pipe to open.
  12. Yellow Submarine: Each of the switches changes the colors of the tiles in the level when flipped. The door will only open when the tiles are yellow; use the red and green switches to mix the colors enough to make yellow.
  13. Pastry Invasion: There's no gravity, the walrus can shoot lasers, and floating cupcakes constantly appear. Shoot a few of the cupcakes to open the door.
  14. Evolrus: Half of the level is submerged in water, and there are a few sea creatures in the water. The walrus can eat the sea creatures; eat all the creatures to make the door open.
  15. Healthy Teeth: The door will only open after you return to the title screen and click on the walrus's tusks to clean them and make them shiny, and then go back to the level.
  16. I'm Batman: A perfectly normal level, except the walrus is dressed like Batman and can fly.
  17. The Final Frontusk: A perfectly normal level, except the gravity is low.
  18. Green Means Go: There's a traffic light in the level. You can only move when the light is green; trying to move when the light isn't green will kill you.
  19. Pulled Side to Side:
  20. A-MAZE-ing the 3rd: The level is full of invisible barriers.
  21. Indiana Walrus: A perfectly normal level, except the walrus can use grappling hooks to latch onto the ceiling and swing around.
  22. Walrus Cult: There's a magic tiki in the level; you have to kill yourself five times in front of the tiki to appease it and make the door open.
  23. Snake: The walrus moves around like a snake in a typical Snake game, and can form a longer line by eating pastries. The door will only open once you've eaten enough pastries to make a line six walruses long.
  24. I'm Heavy: The walrus makes the screen shake every time he lands after jumping, and the screen shakes make tiles fall. To get to the exit pipe, keep jumping from high heights until the tiles on top of the pipe fall down, making an opening to reach the pipe.
  25. Time Trial: There's a second walrus that'll try to get to the exit pipe before you; quickly hit all three switches and get to the finish line by the pipe first!
  26. Flower Power: The level is modeled after a Super Mario Bros. stage; use the ? Block on the right side of the screen to get the Super Mushroom, find the second hidden ? Block on the left side of the screen to get the Fire Flower, and then use your new fire powers to shoot the door and destroy it.
  27. The Company of W: The switches don't stay on unless there's a walrus standing on them, and every time you die, another walrus appears and copies the movements of the walrus that came before him. Use this to your advantage and prime two walrus clones to go to two of the switches and stand by them so you can hit the third one and open the door.
  28. FACED BG: Each of the warp doors has a letter written on it (A, B, D, and G); enter the warp doors in this order - A, D, B, G - to make the door to the exit pipe open.
  29. Background Adventure: The background has several props you can interact with; the door will only open after you use the props to make a plant blossom and grow a strawberry, and then eat the strawberry.
  30. Switchy: A perfectly normal level, except each switch also flips one other switch when it's flipped (flipping green also flips red, flipping red also flips blue, and flipping blue also flips green).